T49 ammo rack compilation//WOTblitz Hello guys
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  • Maysa Alshallakh

    that tank love ammo rack 👊✋

  • 張瑭梓

    You boomed the heavy tank one shoot is so crazy👍💪

  • Scorpio On Blitz

    Have you ever seen mt with derp gun? You son of bich wg

  • George Marian Craciun

    nice bro.no_kill_me07

  • Fear Mister

    OMG :D T49 all shots ammo rack? :D

  • Mudkip Awesomeness

    intro song, btw best wot intro ever

  • Carlos Andres Ballen Narvaez

    omg kboom! nice vídeo

  • Efímero Haru

    SHIT MUSIC, nice shot !

  • Maysa Alshallakh

    oooooommmmgggg that tank is very cool nice video 😲😍😍

  • Sum yout00ber

    this is the video he stole

  • UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    Can't wait to get this tank. I should have it by today. Love the channel, you gained a new sub.

  • To nie PioTreX

    Nice channel And i love amno racks 😉

  • John Toss


  • sobulaksil

    The problem was I don't have the time I use the term and I'm just going out with a problem I know it has to use it

  • Amigo


  • To nie PioTreX

    What title this music???

  • Enter your Name

    Let's starts start a movement on the forums to make he not Prem just a little bit more expensive or to make heat premium with higher penn

  • CampingAFK

    Nice channel and video m8! I am making a T49 ammo rack video too;)

  • ANP

    Nice!!! Is it fully equipped?

  • Denis Tor

    Im like no ammo rack: where like no ammo rack

  • Bryan__sniperrife

    Lol Gold spam nub it's just showing ammo rack but he lose credits like water drain away from his garage

  • Captain_Jack_Sparrow_69

    Only poepel who cant afford gaming PC play blitz

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