World of Tanks Tutorial - Boost your FPS Today we are doing something different! In this video we will teach you how to boost the performance of your PC to gain higher FPS in World of Tanks! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!

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STEP ONE! Speeding up your PC! 02:21

Download Ccleaner:

Download Advanced Systemcare:

Download Disk Defragmentation tools:
Auslogics Disk Defrag:

Download Anti Virus software:


SuperAntiSpyware(for scanning):

Websites to get drivers:

Tool for uninstalling GPU drivers:

STEP TWO! Choosing your correct settings! 07:59

Solos modpack:

STEP THREE! Hardware! 12:12

MSI Afterburner:



Apply thermal paste:

Valley Benchmark:

Heaven benchmark:

GPU overclocking tutorial:


CPU overclocking tutorial:

Is overclocking safe?:

Reset a bad GPU overclock:

Reset bios settings:

What Wargaming recommend to improve FPS:


Thanks to Emrik for letting us borrow his PC for demonstration purposes and helping us to record.

Music used:

World of Tanks OST - 36 - The Legend is Born

Street Fighter 5 - Ken's Theme (SFV OST)
  • Rex Ten

    I helped me from 60 fps to 65 :P Thx anyway ,at least my pc is clean :P have a great day.

  • Hacker Pony

    for me 100 GB trash! WTF!? (2 week befor re instal the win 10)

  • Thicc Boy

    Goes to system configurationclicks "disable all"

  • Fox

    i have Nvidia Geforce GT 620 and that is nice :D XD thats my first graphics card

  • ғlυυ

    i play on minimal xD

  • Aryan .D

    this is so stupid just do what you what to do and don't add these bullshits.

  • WhatIsMyName ?

    i play on a mac,when it was 8.0+ i run 30fps stable and higher but in 9.0+ it turned into 4fps unstable

  • Marcell Molnár

    When There is a BIOS setup my dad always SPAMS the Delete key

  • Abu_Arqob

    😂😂funny video :P LOL

  • TheAncient Tribalia

    Lol i have laptop i meen fucking toshiba windows 10 it is 10 but its like xp

  • SomeSovietWeeb

    Another tip to increase performance in World of Tanks: Get World of Tanks Blitz on Steam


    should i get another 4g ram stick with the old one or should i get a graphics card which one should i get to improve fps in wot.plz tell

  • V for Vendetta

    When i go at settings > graphic > details , i press recomandation and it give me low graphic

  • TheTankFreak NL

    can you make a windows 10 version

  • Sylvain

    I went on msconfig and I desactivated all the things and I restarted my pc. Since I have done this, I cant login or else help me please :(

  • Clickey09

    WTf you have 120k fps and i have like barley 10

  • Pero Peric

    I have Windows 10 Pro xD

  • [XxxUrbanKillerzxxX] BG

    my recommended settings are medium and i get around 40-35 fps is that good

  • ObinAtor 1

    my CPU and GPU are running at maybe max of 55°C under "heavy" load, think OC space is there?Not ;/

  • Volt Umbra

    Cooling pad sounds like an ME 262 LMAO

  • TheDiamondBladeHD

    So, I don't want to increase my fps, cuz i already got 100 (at lowest possible settings). But WoT or my Laptop sometimes crashes in the loading screen, at the countdown or in middle of being killed by an E25. Then I have to restart my Laptop and guess what, 'YOU HAVE LOST ALL RESOURCES YOU COULD HAVE EARNED IN THIS MATCH BECAUSE OF INACTIVITY'. I tried to update my AMD with the Auto-Updater, but this version of my AMD 'could not be found and is unknown'. Oh, and my Laptop is from 2011, if it helps you.

  • ItsWeegee

    thanks for the tutorial, going to try and overclock my graphics card for better performance.

  • Marcell Molnár

    and i defragged the winchester

  • Jame's

    start at 2:53 ur welcome

  • SupremeMaster

    Just watched the things i know to see the fart effects.

  • Kobus Janse van Vuuren

    fps went up from 58 to 117, thank you - that is on WOT.

  • Kurwa

    These guys are so sad...

  • Blackout Gaming 2014

    Mah correct setting is: super mega ultra alpha lowest graphics settings

  • yassine hadj ahmed

    ain't helping at all my laptop hp 630 i3 4gb & hdi GPU but the fps alway's below 16 helpppppppppppppp

  • Radhi Ridzuan

    Thanks AwesomeEpicGuys for this video. Recently my liquid cooling explode on my PC. So I playing WOT using my old laptop. This video help so much. I suggest to who watch this use dxcpl tools to force game to run in dx9. This will boost fps better.

  • Coookie

    Some things of that here are outdated.1. You should search for what overclocks are recommended for your own CPU/GPU2. Good amount of RAM should be 16gb today if you want to play. I play WoT on all maxed out with 8gb Ram and 95% utilization on it. So switching over to do other things take a while, because Windows has to load everything it wanst again from the hdd/ssd instead of the ram (which is full)3.Windows 10 Windows Defender Antivirus is enough. its better today.

  • Sylvain

    bruh I had to reboot my pc thanks....

  • Cookielordking TV

    Funny and helpful! Sub!😁

  • Deutscher Talker

    We have Vietnam subtitles. Whee is russian community? This game iis popular in Russia

  • Linh Hà

    how to use solo modpack??

  • Ingrida Jukniene

    Not worked from 20fps to 10fps potato pc me u need geforce titan for 60fps

  • Michael Jany

    12:59 better use air compresor


    What a "simple" tutorial

  • CJH200iiWii

    I play on a mac sadly, I have to because my windows computer got chucked out of the window by my sister when she failed her game.

  • SupremeMaster

    aka wth an actual ak haha

  • Awesomeguy

    HOLY CRAP IT WORKS! I got from 5 fps to 7 fps!!!!


    My fps working at 100Per milenium.

  • Teodor

    my computer is shit i bought it with 600€ and now it's 299€ i want my money back!from amazon I'm not speaking with u edvin...or zwhatsh ._.

  • Travis Amburgey

    WOW Bro Made a w.o.t Channal along time again this shit is making me laugh.

  • Fabian Breidenbach

    Aida has destroyed my hard drive... cant even boot my pc anymore... thanks

  • 2459 OFFICIAL

    Malwarebytes is the best Enterprise antivirus, AVG is a virus it self

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