Darci Lynne All Performances Compilation: Americas Got Talent Season 12 All the Videos are Credited to Americas Got Talent Youtube. . This is a Compilation of the Performances of a very Talented Little Girl Darci Lynne to the America's Got Talent Season 12. She is the Grand Winner of the said Season. .
  • メロンパン


  • Maday Ramos

    Omg am I really in the real world 🌎 I wish tho 🤩🤩🤩

  • demonboy 797

    O angelica dont cry it's ok but for all of us your the winner

  • MariaTheCuteGirl 25

    When Simon Smiles At You When You're On Stage You Know He Likes Your Talent But..When Simon Does't Smile You Know You Better RUN.

  • StefanRoblox Boy

    Simon rlly blushed from edna! And mel b blushed from oscar!

  • Romeo Baz

    She's deserved to win,,, she done very good job

  • Ava Acosta

    why does Darcy always win

  • Anony Mouse

    I'd like her to talk more and do jokes ...not just sing a song.

  • Kathy the Mermaid

    who else paused the video to try to do ventriloquism

  • Saif Farooq

    I feel bad for the other girl tho, she just left after the dad picked Darci up :[

  • Grell is fabulous and Queen Bre slays Wheeler

    Simon's face at 9:23 lmao😂😂😂

  • Wong Tong

    Beyonce's doing the most with those long pauses. -_-

  • Paula Cammalleri Gizzarelli

    Xi Lloyd Darcdy Lin but Mel B dress ROCKS

  • まかろに


  • Kayla Love

    I ship Simon and grandma Edna 💕💕😍😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ava Acosta

    I was in teas wile watching

  • reby bp

    Whats the name of the song at 3:52

  • Periwinkle Playz

    It’s darci who’s singing when the puppets sing darci’s mouth is open a little bit

  • Maritza Sepulveda

    Es muy lindo lo hace , pero tiene una Linda voz ....

  • Emily Heimann

    Wo sind die deutschen

  • David Leonard

    Darcy Lynn is a goddess amongst mortals. At 21:32 - 21:42. She goes from fighting back victory tears, to looking at Tyra and throwing a really quick, subtle smile, as if she already knew she won it. These young ladies are both supremely talented, far beyond grown adults my "age" that I know.

  • Kevin Martin

    This little girl is incredible and talented. God bless her

  • Lani Soul

    How dose the puppet sing😧😦

  • Suying Pardo

    Alguien habla español

  • SashanY YT

    Пацаны это жёстко го лайк коммента, чтобы Раша была топ 1-ин

  • Ali Mutlu


  • firstdreamwalker

    Darci is an absolutely exceptional talent, not only on playing her puppets. Did you hear her singing opera? What a tremolo!

  • Darius Mafi

    You did a good gob you won love your singing mose

  • Killing Queeen

    How much time she needs to prepare the voice for this?

  • Lucas The spider fan

    When one of the judges stands up ur likeUr thinking:Is one of the judges coming up on the stage or somethinJudge thinking:I can’t wait for her/his faceJudge:slams golden buzzer He/she:omg I-I’m shocked omg tyI hope that happens one day hehe

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