Darci Lynne All Performances Compilation: Americas Got Talent Season 12 All the Videos are Credited to Americas Got Talent Youtube. . This is a Compilation of the Performances of a very Talented Little Girl Darci Lynne to the America's Got Talent Season 12. She is the Grand Winner of the said Season. .
  • MeLovesKeith :3

    It’s 1:30 in the morning what am I doing..

  • jae

    why does the little blonde girl get all the praise when it’s the little people in her arms doing all the work?

  • TheFinePlayer

    Bitrate could not handle the confetti, lul

  • Sdc Sparkles

    The judges are drinking donkin donuts drink!!I mean is it good we don’t have donkin donuts in Australia Sooooooo is it as good as 7 11 donuts 🍩??Prob not

  • Twisted Mind

    Aliens between us! Not asians, anymore!

  • Marilena Kiltsiki

    She didnt deserve to win

  • LP A

    I have to say that this clip does make you wonder what the other little girl's performance was.  I will try to find it. Congratulations Darci--I am very happy for you and you were amazing!One other comment--is that I really don't like it when there are two finalists, they announce the winner (which is great) but then they just leave the other contestant alone and obviously in shock and wondering what to do. This is a big deal for either one of them.  The second place person should really be treated with more respect and some kind of effort/comment at the end! Shame on you AGT (America's Got Talent)--planners, judges and crew!! I just find it hard to believe that someone didn't think of this.  It should be common courtesy.

  • crafty brand

    Anything they can do I can do better

  • Hannah Bireley

    Who's watching this during season 13 of agt?

  • Kawaiipuppy07

    Is that blush i see on Simons face?😂

  • Officialgamer05

    Her first puppets face is just like, tf is going on

  • Scott Wooster

    Come on simon, you have more money then Forest Gump, And the whole Bubba gump shrimp company. You should dress a little better. What you where I live television broadcasted to millions of people I go to sleep at night in, and I'm poor. But I guess if I had absolutely no talent myself and made my money on judging other people on their talent I would wear whatever I wanted to also.

  • Laura Stumböck

    OMG she’s amazing 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Marietta Jørgensen

    I love You Well done 💕💕💕💕💕

  • Fresh Bleach

    Wanna know her secret? She can talk with her stomach

  • Chelsey Fudge

    It takes a lot of work to impress simon your so lucky Dorsey

  • MeLovesKeith :3

    Golden buzzer goes offJanintor: fuck

  • Excuse Me!! #Army

    This is like my sixth or seventh time watching this and I still get the chills hearing her sing

  • Darcy McCutchen

    It's so weird to hear my name being said 😂😂😂 love this girl!

  • krasnic muharem

    What's your favorite color?❤💚💜💙💛

  • Tamia Simpson


  • Althea Espogado

    2:07 did you notice there’s a green screen

  • Moises Grows Up

    She Looks Like A Younger Olivia Holt!!!

  • huskygaming Playz

    nice video! but the creepy puppets xd

  • Michael Taylor

    8 can barely sing as good as that

  • Ali-As-Can-Be

    what song was it when Darci got the golden buzzer???

  • Grace Bryson

    ok hora de que valla a the voice

  • Judy Cox

    In the first performance her face when the puppet says : “ hush little baby don’t you cry “ Her face m I did not know I was a little baby

  • XxCute BananaxX

    I wish that happened to me but theirs not a single damn time my parents is gonna drive all the up there just for me give out my crappy voice😔

  • lucknow metro

    wow ,its amazing the granny is so funniest comparing to all

  • Brooke Elmore

    lol i saw her mouth move, terrible get a lyffff xD

  • Rog5446

    I wonder how many hours she spent practicing to cry at the end,...................just like her mother told her to.

  • Emily Steele

    Seriously cutest video ever

  • Halász Eszter

    She is so talented -

  • arsalmonar

    sweet that the other girl (who didn't win) went over to give Darci a hug. I know losing is part of growing up and life and all... but did anybody else want to reach out and hug that other little girl that lost :( ?

  • saika aftab

    M m m pplprdwesede d

  • XxCute BananaxX

    Say "Me" if you feel like you can sing like her and say "Notta" if you feel like you can't sing at ALL.

  • AsmrSparkle

    I see her mouth move a lot but that’s expected from a child and she is soooo good

  • Ayan Huseynzade

    Quarter final song's was Michael Jackson-who's lovin' you

  • Myla Dionne

    Oh my GOD she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good like oh my GOD

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