PRODUCED BY; @prodjvcxb

Full force heart attack
5 point punch don't hold me back
we see through you like its glass
all you niggas fucking trash
you're not that savage or ruthless, no
quiver with fear when you step to the goat
they gon' force me to loses my control
niggas aint ready to walk down that road, what
fuck this whole scene man we taking shit over
I've been doing business I've been with the older's
its too late for niggas the dead line is closer
the world has been don't you see i'm the owner, yah
we on that ultra light beam, yah
we bout that money and cream, yah
i fuck you bitch to my beats, yah
i like the way that she screams, yah
little nigga doing bits, dropping tracks for the hell of it
never been indefinite im the master of the evidence
run up on nigga i turn to john which im a nemesis
pull up on the trigger and do the venomous negative
im so down and aggressive
i run around with the weapon
im tripping out on the drugs
im bout to break me a record
ill knock your teeth like dentist
i broke her heart dont regret it
im like Dennis the menace
oh my my my flow is stupendous

Keep my fucking name out your mouth you don't know me
you just hear the shit out my mouth, listen closely.
everything i spit is hot shit and unholy
pussy niggas never seen a clip they're so phoney
(i)fucking hate this place
i see hell inside your face
that shit fills me up with rage
passing points we shouldn't break
scarlxrds really bout to change
from that rail card to the range
on some upgrade life exchange
i break down and recreate.

    I wish I could listen to this for the first time again

  • here's Butler

    my ears just had a heart attack

  • Dan Castilar

    Rip bass boosted head phones

  • Zsigmarius The Aqaurius

    Am I the only one who wants his joggers? If any of y'all know tell me 😂

  • Promithium Cro

    I swallowed your cum! It means something!

  • RIP X

    I understand everything he’s saying

  • victor y. royale

    this reminds me of my grandma because she also had a heart attack

  • icy arnoc

    yo vi este video cuando no tenia ni un millon de visitas :,)))) como creciste scarlxrd :,)))))))

  • Joly Jose

    Scarlxrd and Ski mask need to collab

  • max zaranik

    я нихуя не понимаю,но мне нравится)))

  • brooklyn nivaaa

    0:40 there u go babes💜

  • Marcel Trtík

    Only other monkey, that cant sing and wear like a homeless

  • bruger ikke denne kanal mere

    Death note... Just sayin

  • asap trash

    Huhh almost 2y i am Scar fan

  • KainChruss

    the kids nowadays.....

  • Wrongol Brababba

    non mi sento più solo

  • Hugo Gonzalvo zaragozano

    Nuevo tono de mi despertador xd

  • Mick Thomas

    Rap meets death metal meets reggae meets 420.

  • Duhlano Garcia

    Going a little bit Co Co

  • xaris silvestridis

    What If scar n zillakami rap together

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