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Top 10 Most Surprising Auditions America's Got Talent

10 - Travis Pratt | 00:00
9 - Special Head | 01:43
8 - John Hetlinger | 03:01
7 - David & Leeman | 04:31
6 - Ryan Beard | 08:41
5 - Aaralyn & Izzy | 12:19
4 - Linkin Bridge | 13:33
3 - Piff the Magic Dragon | 15:51
2 - Tape Face | 21:29
1 - Kenichi Ebina | 24:27
  • Nathan Wolftown

    howard was such a dick """I didnt want her to hurt her voice""" what a shithead

  • Ronald Tuengel


  • Big_Bobby 173

    2:30 my mans over here flying

  • alyssa

    bruh homeschool boy really gave me bo burnham vibes

  • Marta Moreno

    Quien cojones pone los subtitulos????????

  • Dulcelina Cabral

    I want Travis Scott to sing at my wedding😍😍😍

  • Mes Yeux

    25:38.. thats physically impossible

  • SilverFox

    Captions are awesome well amusing at parts

  • Fortnitegamer 11213

    I’ll love that to be my grandpa

  • Harry Pjotr

    Damn, is not having had a girlfriend before 18 unusual?? Well screw me then... :(

  • UniqueLifter205#

    Word around the campfire is.......the old man sang "Bodies" while he charged German trenches in WW1.

  • Gustav Vasa

    nice vid and thanks for the upload.but why the heck do they seemingly use a last milleniums pre alpha version of "goggle trans" that doesnt even fkn manage to put the same language spoken in the video on screen SEMI accurately?

  • Alvaro Cubero

    Pa que pones subtítulos si no van con lo que dicen

  • alan_ correa11

    The subtitles are very bads.

  • Addison White

    These people really have a talent

  • Angus Pollerd

    Lincoln bridge on spotify?

  • Pick 3 & 4 # Gurus

    How on earth can an opera song be considered to be on this list? Is it top 10 like the title or top 5 as the video shows? For this reason I had to give it a thumbs down!

  • Justin Credible

    Little knowm fact. Boyz Ii Men got their start as a barbershop quartet Ps. No facts to support this i just want it to be true

  • ZaksChannel

    13:00 when your parents find out you went to prom with your sister

  • Peter McGlothin

    When this guy sang in such a high voice my balls were aching!


    1105..........1002.......................WATCH IT.

  • Trấn Phiên Đoàn

    i think the guy magician something give an other word that has the wrong spell to Howie so he could not read.

  • Lord Snooty

    You need to be brain dead to watch this garbage.

  • Alain J. Moran

    3:20 that was an over reaction lol

  • ikhbin ikhbin

    пиноские шутки. пиндоский "юмор". "какое отвратительное зрелище..."пиндосы, мне жаль вас...

  • Claire Strimling

    8:41 tell me simon didnt sound like siri


    Tape face is overrated

  • Bob Wasthere

    i thought the last one was not that impressive... then i tried it.Now i live in a wheeling chair.

  • jonyku1549

    I'm scared of that little girl LMAO

  • Colby Grappe

    Top 10 most surprising auditions America's got talentvideo ~ 5 most surprising auditions americas got talent

  • Ahmed LAGHFIRI

    I have 23 yo and I can't metal scream lol

  • Priest of Emroy

    the Linkin Bridge was the best

  • Epiur

    You know that guy who was home schooled is drowning in the pussy now.

  • The_Gamer

    I wish my grandpa was like that 😂

  • Mrfootball90

    So no ones gonna say anything about the guy singing opera like?

  • Garma Family

    4:29 that middle finger tho

  • Honkey Magoo

    Doesn’t everyone know that levitating trick and how it’s done?

  • Tehilla mauda

    What the fricken hell is going on omg 😮

  • Anna Frau

    Magic Dragon! Love it!

  • William Steven

    The guy hovering on a stick is a simple magic trick, and then he makes smoke appear. Really, nothing to do with 'meditation'. Lol.

  • Nazeem Dollie

    Ice Cube can sing opera!!

  • Kevin Chicas

    I hated the last one

  • Paul Steiner


  • kristen fisher

    Linkin bridge sings good but the name sounds too much like linkin park

  • Emmy Collene

    Piff the magic dragon was my faveroite. My roll modelMy Starr my world. My everything. From now on until forever, my actions are those of piffs

  • Olafo Vikinger

    8:54 how much that delicious black whore? Nammm nammm!!!

  • Schnuzbart

    Do you sometimes see a comment and think "damn i wish i wrote that."?

  • Chikun Gunya

    c'est splendide le premier chanteur !!!!

  • Tyler CSM


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