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Top 5 Dancers On Britain's Got Talent
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5. Razy Gogonea
4. Aiden Davis
3. Old Men Grooving
2. Boyband
1. Balance Unity
  • Betty Boop

    Oh, man, the first candidate is just amazing. At 2:10 i hard tears in my eyes. Yes, i confirm we have our new neyo

  • Ron Wylie

    All amazing but the first guy did things I have never seen any human do

  • Hạnh Lê

    I like Top1 so sad and good😭😭😙😙😙

  • haboab0216

    Dancing is universal everyone can dance

  • Clara Meller

    All just unbelievable fantastic!!! <3

  • Louisa Woo Ching

    boy band was my had me up and dancing

  • Khaled Diab

    Deserves the best director award for video. Very cool accept greetings

  • Asran shahban

    all 5 acts never to be seen again


    Can anyone help me with the name of the track for the first performance

  • Ppdd Pdpd

  • masa


  • bouhadjar bouhadjar

    i ikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • John boy C

    There's so much wasted talent out there but it's good to see talent never ages , great job everyone

  • SMThecla2

    Each guy in BoyBand is a fantastic gymnast! Wonderfully choreographed.

  • three quort

    ⛱⛱看美女露点私密视频➕微信hot5383🕍的过程丰富奋斗d t y

  • balem karap

    4 was not that good...............I feel..... isn't it

  • George MacDonald

    Aiden and Ghazi kicked ass.

  • jl k

    soy subnormales perdidos con las reseñlas. Asi se va a suscribir tu prima

  • Nam Oleg 77

    Почему матрица на пятом месте кто из этих клоунов может повторить его

  • ali taleb

    I need the song played in background The act of the kid and the another one please


    Imagine taking that one to bed at night!! No sleeping happening at all. Oh I'm SO jealous of his girlfriend/partner!

  • Bootylicious

    The black guy from the old men dancing looks like the one from the chase..

  • Stephanie Walsh

    Simon ... still makes everyone smile when he says yes ... He has an ego yes but my god he is not affraid to show REAL emotion / real feeling ... the rest are there for the camera

  • Mike kirock

    How can I get rid of of that sh!t in the top R corner? <iframe width="854" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  • MsKiTTy1138


  • Maan Abou Hatab

    The first dancer copied the same moves of Kenichi Ipina, a Japanese dancer who appeared on Americas Got Talent in 2013, Ipina was much better on more entertaining... Here is a link to the video

  • Nina Toombs

    I think Kenichi Ebina is definitely better.

  • Krakolio

    3:13 LMAO Look at Simon's face!! XD

  • Egypt Dior

    he copied the Japanese....

  • Strong Man

    I dare you to do this on the concrete 0:44

  • Krisis

    okay i know the song of the first dancer but i cant put my finger on it...

  • Ranjith Nair

    Aidan Davis was way better than #1

  • Soufian Ch

    حيولي رويمل وناس ميلة اصاحبي

  • lukas andrew

    This first guy is just a matrix one of the best talent I have ever seen in BGT and he deserved a golden buzzers. just the #truth

  • S Lit

    The first Guy has a EDDIE MUNSTER HAIRDO

  • video gameplay

    ok fair but give me salah he is the best

  • K S

    That's excellent

  • Nerv Central

    I never thought I would say this: That boy band looking crew had skills. Choreography was on point.

  • Wudruff Wildcard

    Last one was a copy of evolution of dance. :(

  • Soufian Ch

    حيولي رويمل وناس ميلة اصاحبي

  • tesorohun1

    today in the tv the aim is to proove to white girls the non white boys are better choice!they are the good singer the musicians dancers...because they dont show talented whites for the order of the jewish moneypower....they dont want white people..because whites already almost stopped them to reach the worldpower!

  • jacob george

    The first one he's peace of junk

  • lombombaj

    song 7:30? i cant remember it

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