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Top 5 Dancers On Britain's Got Talent
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5. Razy Gogonea
4. Aiden Davis
3. Old Men Grooving
2. Boyband
1. Balance Unity
  • Sanjay Sutradhar

    Nice,osm,block blastar porfaeman

  • Crazy 011

    last very very bad face


    Wow Amanda looks so much hotter these days

  • Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    All pathetic,why is it called dancing?

  • Richard Brooks

    That was flipping good,Boy band.

  • Niraj Kumar

    Wonderful outstanding performance.

  • Muniraj B N M

    My God ☝️ my souls father makes me peaceful environment entire the universe 🌌 🕉 shanti

  • Chas Kerr

    The first guy is an alien!!! 👾👽😂 How the hell can a human do that stuff?

  • Superior Man

    I dare you to do this on the concrete 0:44

  • Bass 72

    Wow simply amazing all 5 of them

  • Livesinthe Shadowsofthenight

    All pathetic,why is it called dancing?

  • Son Nguyen

    Có lẽ các tài năng VN thi các cuộc thì này thì sẽ chiếm được tất cả các giải cao nhất rồi 😉😉😉

  • tesorohun1

    today in the tv the aim is to proove to white girls the non white boys are better choice!they are the good singer the musicians dancers...because they dont show talented whites for the order of the jewish moneypower....they dont want white people..because whites already almost stopped them to reach the worldpower!

  • video gameplay

    ok fair but give me salah he is the best

  • Arpan Mittra

    0:53 I was just thinking at this moment that how much lower he can get.

  • Stat KriZon

    What’s the song in the first act???

  • Khaled Diab

    Deserves the best director award for video. Very cool accept greetings

  • mdIbeloka

    здравствуйте, радж капур стоящий рядом, простите, перетанцует. спасибо.

  • Delbert Osborne

    He's going to hurt like a son of a bitch when he gets my age andmaybe sooner😫

  • Prince Rajput

    Its Mindbloing profom

  • Renzo Ames

    ¿Cómo se llama este tipo de baile?

  • E230Kompressor

    i love him - by the way i´m not gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • haboab0216

    Dancing is universal everyone can dance

  • Clara Meller

    All just unbelievable fantastic!!! <3

  • radafus link

    3:15 best expression ever

  • Oscar Cruz

    Poesia en movimiento, de otro planeta

  • three quort

    ⛱⛱看美女露点私密视频➕微信hot5383🕍的过程丰富奋斗d t y

  • WirelessJoeJackson

    Would be a lot better if they didn't have the camera on Simon's face more than the people dancing

  • manu menorca

    ... I found that's enoying the fact we lose to see half of the performance because the TV guy is more concern about people reaction in the people looking at or the vips sitting infront the artist... that's nonsense

  • bouhadjar bouhadjar

    i ikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Technical RN

    3:06 song name please

  • S Lit

    The first Guy has a EDDIE MUNSTER HAIRDO

  • zygmunt szymanski

    tarzanie sie po podlodze To nie jest taniec !! czy ten swiat zwariowal ???

  • Radu Mandescu

    ultimul-de rahat.Pacat ca se castiga la ordin

  • Jean Paul ICYIMPAYE

    The way Simon starts seems to be a no later on.

  • Jeetendra Negi

    some part of this dance video is copied from Japanese dancer (USA got talent).

  • Maan Abou Hatab

    The first dancer copied the same moves of Kenichi Ipina, a Japanese dancer who appeared on Americas Got Talent in 2013, Ipina was much better on more entertaining... Here is a link to the video

  • D D

    Тот неловкий момент, когда жюри играют восхищение, лучше чем артисты свою программу. Посредственность и массовый психоз.

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