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  • #_Viral Vedios_#

    Fuck u all judges fuck u👆

  • Bubble But Bandit

    1st guy was awesome great singing and dancing

  • KeSsIe A.ALEJO

    At 1:13 is she karinaOMG or just a look?lol •_• Just asking cause im so confused

  • Rophelyn Cabrillos

    Liked the 2nd and 3rd alot

  • فخہۧامہة رجہۧہل

    whose name of this song plz

  • Gabriella Agussusanto

    The 3rd one is not related to the tittle


    the people who dislike this is crazy

  • Arajemah Razonable oppo

    I love the 2nd performer so much

  • Chester Pattung

    This video prove that Humans are so judgemental..

  • Sheena Jwegesh

    I think the women on the last clip (Aida was it?her name) was the best.

  • figureskating unicorn

    On the first one is was like YASSSSSSSSS MY QUEENNNNNNNN

  • nathan bernabat

    They are all good they just judge human without knowing them deeply

  • Doña Zarkasma Memeng

    They made the right decision for the first one. He doesn't deserve the audience's claps. He's such a mess.

  • Eric Ines

    I feel very bad for the 2nd girl 😞

  • Surah Online

    The judges in that second clip were such cunts

  • Abhishek Lathigra

    All Judges did the big mistake all are foolish judge

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