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  • ChrysstaLE _ShInE

    The second one the judges must wait and art takes a lot of time i can ralate on this because i am good at free hand drawing i also join a lot of poster making contest but i always lose because i am a bit slow when i am doing an art and it makes me feel like im a loser but that girl i was so amazed on her art and she did that art for just a few minutes how fast then why the judges press their red buzzer but her performance didnt take that lot of time thats so sad and i think when she revealed the art she almost or shes literally crying 😭😭😭😭 she just wanted to show her extraordinary talent 👍Thumbs up if you agree😉

  • Joy Channing

    She didn’t even finish her painting. All in a rush at the end.

  • PMB CHANNEL telent

  • Anees Hazari

    Are you mad judges if Simon will be there he will not do like this that girl painting was good not good awesome excellent

  • sulaiman iqbal

    The second- pathetic judges The third one was lit 😍 she is beautiful and she got beautiful voice 👌🏻


    The 2th one should had just be paitient art takes time

  • Jack Kill

    The first one was dumb any girl does that shit at a party

  • Evermore better ever

    I really don't like the Judge especially for the 2nd one ..

  • I Am G

    What is the title of the song sung by the girl in the last part? In English translation please.

  • kitty moon

    Don't judge a book by it's cover

  • Dibyash Nakamura

    Khatey judge Haru pailai reaction dinxa

  • Kevin Armstrong

    The judges are all morons


    I love the third one

  • Monica Khatkar

    The 2nd one is lip syncing

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