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  • Lps Pringles!!!

    They're wearing the same clothes the majority of the time wich means they pressed the golden buzzer 4 times in the same day

  • matty williams

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  • America's Talent Champion

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  • gracie's life

    she sings good so good

  • Erwin Joley Bello Jr

    wwoooaahhh...its a straight golden buzzers

  • Austrian Bish

    watches in untalented

  • 옆집톡깽이

    Every performance was amazing.. really incredible..♥♥ I loved everything!

  • scott livingston

    I've got to be honest . . . I like the boy people back stage!

  • Tim

    Just proves there is so much great undiscovered talent out there.

  • matty williams

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  • Ankan Biswas

    Back ground sound last

  • Melvin T

    13:18 I could not control my tears. I literally cried in my room.

  • 옆집톡깽이

    3rd man's performance was really touching..

  • Natty minecraft player

    All of them r amazing I love to sing bit one fear is holding me backI'm scared of stage frights one like = conjure my fear

  • Christianto Ming

    Omg Susan Boyle got a Golden Buzzer just now, how incredible 😍

  • Tammy Ashley

    Those people are great

  • Joseph Walsh

    To clean up the confetti on stage, they open up the stage sideways. Very few effort involved.

  • Jason Dieruslow

    Who knows the name of the song when the group of kids and the guys started dancing

  • 옆집톡깽이

    Who's watching in 2019? ^^

  • Carl Tunn

    Fuck YouTUbe's fucking ads in the middle of the fucking video!

  • Oihana Jimenez

    6:32 viva la obesidad

  • Nathan Summers

    courtney could be the new 4 non blondes lead singer

  • Willy Perman

    It makes me smile when people are excited

  • Oliver Feher

    How can Simon be in americas got talent and britian got talent ?

  • Giovanni Yeremia Rusmana

    when simon push that gold, you've done something right

  • Dawn Jones

    When Simon gets up, that's huge!!

  • Desiree Andrews

    Am gonna go America got talent and everyone will vote for you and sometimes you bring the voice with the veins

  • Anni Merethe Nilsen

    Courtney you Are unbeliebelave,you Are great!!!

  • Neil plays Mincraft and roblox

    the fourth persone is just wow

  • Dawn Jones

    Whoever bullied that one girl, I bet there looking back at this, and saying, "Why did I ever bully her?"

  • Assam Rockstars

    Why almost of them are singers?

  • Alin Sulaimani

    I cried by the first one

  • NonStopYT

    The first person💕Gosh😍

  • Drisha Boovaragan

    No one's gonna talk about how pretty the first girl looked and the thing she did at 2:17?

  • ComeToThySelektor

    First performanceUhhmmm yeaahh..WTF??!!

  • liam alexis

    They're all so great!!


    wow, Excellent voice... Thank you

  • sparkly sunshine

    11:20 is when the teacher says your bad mark of a quiz in front of the whole class xD

  • snezana ivanisevic

    You are a baby LOL and also click👍👇

  • PH1LZ

    Holy moly, the last one was unexpected. Well deserved, that was absolutely AMAZING.

  • TheFizz

    Coertney is so sweet until i heard hear singing


    Hello view sing a song dangdut from indonesia..

  • Alexis Cordova

    I wish i could be talented like them

  • Extrxmx_

    Does Howie still have OCD

  • Lps Pringles!!!

    Courtney are you okay Don't worry you can talkTo someone Stop It, Get some help

  • Lewis

    Basically, if you sing well, you get a golden buzzer.

  • KCH x

    The second act was absolutely inCREDIBLE

  • Akash Deb

    The First one looks a little bit like Perrie Edwards..............

  • Atlanticore1357

    5:00 everithing is so clean with this group

  • Die Hard

    The last one is to watch over over and again

  • Electric Yoshi

    This makes me cry from happiness. God damn! When I’m depressed this very much helps.

  • Shakir Ajmal

    Best acts😘...They really deserves the golden buzzer🖐️Thanks Len ken for the upload 🤘👍

  • AppPpLe Apple

    Getting the golden buzzer from Simon means he LOVES IT

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