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  • Shakir Ajmal

    Best acts😘...They really deserves the golden buzzer🖐️Thanks Len ken for the upload 🤘👍

  • ねむい

    日本語訳がある訳でもなく 英語がわかる訳でもないけど 不思議とこみ上げてくるものがある。自分というものをしっかりもってて かっこいい。

  • Merouane Ounil

    The first girl is on fire 🔥

  • Cassidy H.

    When there's an ad right before the golden buzzer gets pressed 😔

  • HaydenHoe

    The amount of chills and tears all of these gave me is absolutely amazing!!

  • Walter White

    Singing not a fucking talent what the fuck

  • willie. mosingi

    Best acts. They deserve the golden buzzers. Congrats!

  • Giorgia Cuomo

    Che spettacolo....Se c'è qualche Italiano che lo sta guardando lascia like solo pk da noi sono in pochi a cantare come l'ultima.

  • Jesu Sode

    I like how everytime they press the golden buzzer then splash with golden confetti, a big golden big star at the back the music and the slow motion. What a moment!

  • Geraldine Pico

    all the performances were just so emotional it made me cry uwu

  • Y T


  • Last Name

    OMG the 2nd act is Woaw😲

  • Dawn Ours

    Wow Like Welcome back Janis

  • Brayan Razo

    First one she is hot her smile is so precious

  • rockfour RRR

    i love how they use grace vanderwaal's song on amanda's gb

  • Savannahcard

    The first girl tho😫😭💙

  • James Li

    Doesn’t the 4th one I think look like Moana

  • MarascaKuuu

    what was the first song

  • amheruden rasuman

    amanda mena was so incredible i love how she sing the song love it

  • niki kloucek

    5:36 song please? thanks.

  • Emily Badillo

    We are not Professional *trows girl 20 feet into the air *Me:really?

  • Jake

    The last one was straight cringe

  • sandun tharaka

    The finale performer is incredible.......

  • Dave Willis

    I just loved your audition. It was flawless. Get going for your dreams

  • Indra Tarigan

    Golden buzzer from Simon🙄🙄

  • Aspen Lea

    absolutely amazing!!!

  • Katie Desrochers

    Voices of hope got a golden buzzer too!!

  • Pangnila Marakpi

    The second act...... So amazing

  • 유병호

    알아 들을수는 없지만 음악으로 느끼는 감정은 어느 곳 에서나 똑같네...

  • Supriya Gurung

    They literally made me smile and cry👍💓💘🔥😂Lovedit

  • Jordan Conklin

    God damn that one group who did that dance piece was fucking fantastic

  • Jonathan Slivka

    i remember watching this on live tv 14:51

  • pastel candy

    and if only i had talent

  • G0ldwaves

    Fuck off with the fucking singers, there are enough singing shows. Fucking idiots

  • zoinks maddie

    Did you know that almost all of the ones that are singing are actually auto tuned

  • tameka touzalin

    Every time i watch golden buzzers i cry 😳😪

  • viand gilang

    Thanks for upload this video, many tears from for all golden buzzer.. thats so many super human in this world .. amazing

  • Redpoint Gmail

    The Other Got Talent Are Bad

  • Dhoome adoow

    19:34 wow she amazing 😩❤️

  • sweet girl

    I love the dad with six kids 😊😊😊

  • Sor Lacerda

    Courtney RULE IT!!!!

  • magnificent mercy main

    I love watching people smile.😄

  • Shea P

    I always cry happy tears on videos like this!!! 😭😭😍

  • Frances Taylor

    can i have the voice voice of the first girl

  • Neko Rules

    I love the second one :3 theyre so amazing!!! :3 but i still like the others😊

  • oldarpanet

    @ 9 mins on this video, this guy is the best (so far) of a Janis Joplin cover. So authentic. So good. He's great!

  • Andrea Bianchi

    5:57 name of the song?

  • Idk Idk

    The second one latterly made me cry 😭😍

  • Emily Badillo

    20:41 is my face when my teacher calls me to answer the question while I dont know the answer because I was day dreaming

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