Ultimate VS Sh!tty Graphic Setting - WoT Blitz I know that Wotb graphic is nothing compared to the PC version of the game. But for a mobile game this is one of the best good looking games out there. And here what you get if you play it at minimum and maximum graphic setting, enjoy.

song : Mr FijiWiji - Yours Truly (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

Video contributor : LC_Gaea_Foundation
No HUD spectator mod by LC_Gaea_Foundation
Centurion I/X skin mod by LC_Gaea_Foundation
Gun sound and crew sound mod and German Historical skin by www.madwotbmod.com

Software :
1. Nvidia Shadow Play
2. Vegas Pro 14

    HAS anyone configured any Mac in a reasonable manner in which WT is as impressive as is on a true "gaming" PC? Is their an iOS version? If anyone has configured a Mac with an all in one GPU I'm interested if done with an older Mac...2013 or earlier. Lastly, I have numerous old PC's in storage most w Windows XP on them, tower CPUs...I also have a corporate sized Dell multi level server rack which holds 6 massive servers...2 ft by 3ft...for serious corporate work...in fact I have 3 of the servers after I closed my business...would any of those work??? I don't want to spend tons for gaming yet I'm reaching a point to either buy an off the shelf "gaming" PC or build one myself...I don't ave time nor extra cash to dedicate to focus on gaming...eGPUs I researched for Macs including older iMacs are a few years old...the new Apple exclusive Black Magic enclosure, eGPU is around $800+ and will need a monitor to accommodate...seems all missing is a Hard Drive with a Operating system....So any insight would be appreciated...I'm an older guy who last had a real gaming system, time to dedicate was the gaming industry breaking Sega Genesis....yep...that old!

  • Vadim Chupak

    02:20 какая разница???

  • AmuroDiaz

    wot blitz is better looking than pc wot, they are completely different in the art style that they are going for, I applaud them for going with this cartoony cell shaded style that fits its beautifully. wot pc gets boring cause its trying to emulate real life , blitz always looks fresh cause its trying to be fun

  • Island_Kermode

    I play on low cause the games better that way

  • Aleksandr Lavrov

    У меня все на максималках

  • PONYaSh

    в PUBG Mobile круче))

  • Jacob S.

    Wow 60 fps, I'm lucky if I see 20 once every few battles.

  • Andrew Diesing

    Tbh I like shîtty graphics because before we had this we had halo 1 graphics and cod 2 graphics, they look the same as this

  • Un usuario de youtube

    Im not a rich people :(

  • Flavio-2003 Boss

    I've got a 144hz monitor and MSI gaming PC but 120fps doesnt work wtf

  • Andrew Bidulock

    What is that camo in the Centurion 7/1 is that a legendary camo?

  • Vot PON4IK


  • Wuddadid

    This is a high quality video ;) eh? Eh?

  • Aleksandr Kovzel'

    Что то, что это срань мультяшная! Да, может и на телефонах это красиво, но вот не задача! На компах глаза что низкие, что ультра глаза режит!

  • TIuBHou JlapeK

    Вы минимальные еастроики нн видели, на минималках пиксели!

  • AliatWOT

    Is 120fps possible for samsung Galaxy s7?

  • Usnutt 11 cz

    3:42 czech voice??!!

  • Filipe Matos

    post entirely ongoing adjustment cover murder anyone maybe client hug text state.

  • Matěj CZ PK & FR

    Ty jsi Čech? V čase 4:28 je to česky!!!

  • Fleecast

    I have everything high but I turn off my fog cuz it looks better

  • Diosaris Marte

    Not evryone have very good tablets and phones and computers

  • Slavic Comrade

    The voice is Czech omg....you are czech ? I am Czech

  • Jasper Belen

    dont call it sh*ty were lucky that they put it so every one can play it even in slow device like mine

  • Aleksandr Ivanov

    То чувство когда играешь на минималка хочется а FPS больше 25 неподнимаеться((

  • Vadim Sinicyn

    На мой взгляд, оба варианта - дерьмовые!

  • MarianokunPony

    1:23 My favorite <3

  • Tvoy_Drug Kont

    Дерьмовые не настройки, а танки

  • Jarek Nečas

    Czech crew ?:D good ! ( czech)

  • Mira Budaeva

    В принцепи разнецы нет

  • Joker MNE

    Both are shit! We need better tanks graphic!

  • Leninade

    And then you play war thunder on ultra low, lmao


    Phone ran this damn game at ultra high for everything now it can't even download/ extract the god damn resources to my phone amazes me how they manage to fuck up a game with one simple "update"

  • Aleksey Semerdzhidi

    как же класно иметь snapdragon 845!

  • Islam Alidibirov

    бомба игра ворлд оф танкс я играл на кампютере

  • Zulik Tulik

    У меня всё на среднем

  • G.I. Fro

    Retarded question, but do you think there will be a time fairly soon where they can bring the graphics to mobile like they currently are with the HD PC Client?


    Is it safe to mod the steam game or not

  • Samaq

    Super video, a dokonce od Čecha

  • Fox

    thats why i play WOTB on pc :p

  • Serys

    Трава, вода и дым заметны больше всего

  • Gabriela Lotaryńska

    The track effects are actually good looking for the game but for some compatibility issues they remove it

  • Djimdo Tv

    Вода как в дарк соулс

  • StrAWPerry

    How can I put camo on my tank

  • Jenifer Idoy

    For me fog is low becuase i cant see!

  • 〖Sαmsτєr Kiωi 〗[紫の]

    I use medium and low

  • Rai Kai

    As a person who runs everything max this really surprised me

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