Ultimate VS Sh!tty Graphic Setting - WoT Blitz I know that Wotb graphic is nothing compared to the PC version of the game. But for a mobile game this is one of the best good looking games out there. And here what you get if you play it at minimum and maximum graphic setting, enjoy.

song : Mr FijiWiji - Yours Truly (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

Video contributor : LC_Gaea_Foundation
No HUD spectator mod by LC_Gaea_Foundation
Centurion I/X skin mod by LC_Gaea_Foundation
Gun sound and crew sound mod and German Historical skin by www.madwotbmod.com

Software :
1. Nvidia Shadow Play
2. Vegas Pro 14
  • Andrew Diesing

    Tbh I like shîtty graphics because before we had this we had halo 1 graphics and cod 2 graphics, they look the same as this

  • The Sarcastic Guy

    If you want buterflyes on your bushes while you destroying tanks just set it on ultra.

  • Aleksey Semerdzhidi

    как же класно иметь snapdragon 845!

  • Zulik Tulik

    У меня всё на среднем

  • Qu A

    still not that high quality as pc

  • Usnutt 11 cz

    3:42 czech voice??!!

  • Slavic Comrade

    The voice is Czech omg....you are czech ? I am Czech

  • Aleksandr Lavrov

    У меня все на максималках

  • Master Jared Gaming and blogs

    Me: Turns graphics all the way upComputer blows up Me: Turns graphics alll the way up on IPad Works

  • Leninade

    And then you play war thunder on ultra low, lmao

  • Heroninja112

    ultra low when changed to maxed settings is almost like changing from mobile to PC only its still mobile

  • RiversTeam RVT

    i like the czech sounds

  • Joker MNE

    Both are shit! We need better tanks graphic!



  • Un usuario de youtube

    Im not a rich people :(

  • Jarek Nečas

    Czech crew ?:D good ! ( czech)

  • mongs inkognito

    Надо делать немножко темнее, тогда графика огонь будет

  • Diosaris Marte

    Not evryone have very good tablets and phones and computers

  • MarianokunPony

    1:23 My favorite <3

  • G.I. Fro

    Retarded question, but do you think there will be a time fairly soon where they can bring the graphics to mobile like they currently are with the HD PC Client?

  • Islam Alidibirov

    бомба игра ворлд оф танкс я играл на кампютере

  • Hunky Warden

    Hi mate I sent u frnd req on wotb,my name is "Hunky Warden " plz accept it plz

  • Kuldovec !!

    proč píšeš všechno anglicky když jseš čech?jinak dobrě video.

  • 〖Sᴀᴍᴢᴛᴇʀ Zɪᴋɪᴡɪ Zɪᴋɪᴡɪ 見た〗

    I use medium and low

  • Jasper Belen

    dont call it sh*ty were lucky that they put it so every one can play it even in slow device like mine

  • Matěj CZ PK & FR

    Ty jsi Čech? V čase 4:28 je to česky!!!


    HAS anyone configured any Mac in a reasonable manner in which WT is as impressive as is on a true "gaming" PC? Is their an iOS version? If anyone has configured a Mac with an all in one GPU I'm interested if done with an older Mac...2013 or earlier. Lastly, I have numerous old PC's in storage most w Windows XP on them, tower CPUs...I also have a corporate sized Dell multi level server rack which holds 6 massive servers...2 ft by 3ft...for serious corporate work...in fact I have 3 of the servers after I closed my business...would any of those work??? I don't want to spend tons for gaming yet I'm reaching a point to either buy an off the shelf "gaming" PC or build one myself...I don't ave time nor extra cash to dedicate to focus on gaming...eGPUs I researched for Macs including older iMacs are a few years old...the new Apple exclusive Black Magic enclosure, eGPU is around $800+ and will need a monitor to accommodate...seems all missing is a Hard Drive with a Operating system....So any insight would be appreciated...I'm an older guy who last had a real gaming system, time to dedicate was the gaming industry breaking Sega Genesis....yep...that old!

  • Vadim Chupak

    02:20 какая разница???

  • Flavio-2003 Boss

    I've got a 144hz monitor and MSI gaming PC but 120fps doesnt work wtf

  • Rey Murillo

    high is the is the best because there are grass n flowers

  • StrAWPerry

    How can I put camo on my tank

  • mr.laagg

    То чювство когда комп не тянет по 1-2 фпс на ультрах и ты на компе)

  • Filipe Matos

    post entirely ongoing adjustment cover murder anyone maybe client hug text state.

  • cß9lmoũ anreJl

    Я не могу понять одного?Анжел, он же иностранец ,но почему видео на русском?

  • Simon Ghost Riley

    The track effects are actually good looking for the game but for some compatibility issues they remove it

  • Jacob

    8/8 M8, no deb8.-IGN

  • Michał Głowacki

    fuck this shit im playin world of tanks (not blitz)

  • Vadim Sinicyn

    На мой взгляд, оба варианта - дерьмовые!

  • AliatWOT

    Is 120fps possible for samsung Galaxy s7?

  • TIuBHou JlapeK

    Вы минимальные еастроики нн видели, на минималках пиксели!


    Phone ran this damn game at ultra high for everything now it can't even download/ extract the god damn resources to my phone amazes me how they manage to fuck up a game with one simple "update"


    guys i have full HIGH and Aniso........ Filt........ x16 and no lag whit full HIGH and Full Screen anti....... OFF no lag and 2x lag small and 4x Lag Medium whit 60 FPS enabled but lag i has FPS 27 no joke


    Is it safe to mod the steam game or not

  • Aleksandr Ivanov

    То чувство когда играешь на минималка хочется а FPS больше 25 неподнимаеться((

  • Beaky Turf

    FPS eats ass since the last update even with everything set to Low.

  • AmuroDiaz

    wot blitz is better looking than pc wot, they are completely different in the art style that they are going for, I applaud them for going with this cartoony cell shaded style that fits its beautifully. wot pc gets boring cause its trying to emulate real life , blitz always looks fresh cause its trying to be fun

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