Ariana Grande - 7 rings 7 rings (Official Video).
Song Available Here:

Connect with Ariana:
Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
for London Alley Entertainment Inc

Music video by Ariana Grande performing 7 rings. © 2019 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • avocado juice.


  • Flor Jazmin

    Like love ariana grande

  • Michelle Kemp

    I hate this song cardi B is beter

  • S14Y3R 9828

    1:19 When I eat something sweet

  • ItzLuigiBoi

    We were basically being called broke for # minutes (oh wait, this isn't roblox)

  • ema sofia

    still has less views than boomerang by jojo siwa

  • Raksmey you Vang

    I love this video soooooooooo muchhhhhhh😍😍😍😍😍😜😝😛

  • KingIIIV

    I remember when she was on a show. That was good.

  • Leandro Puyat

    So nobody is gonna mention the sound of music movie?

  • Daniela Herrera

    I showed this jefferee star’s closet this and now it’s a mansion

  • Marissa Barrera Mercado

    Ahora mismo la descargoooooo!!!!!!!!!!♥♥

  • Tom W.

    Possibly the worst song I have ever heard. Rebecca black has some competition.

  • Maria Ângela do Rosário Martins de Souza

    Essa música tá até no Tik Tok

  • love divalol

    You are cool go girl i like your sings you are so cool😎😘😎😘😎😘😎😘😎😘😎😘

  • ジョン水野CHANNEL

    many japanese people love ariana and her tatoo "七輪"that word has two means, "seven rings"and" japanese small charcoal grills"we're happy her interested in japanese kanji and some culture.we don't think Cultural appropriation.

  • Erick Mendez

    Sorry I only speak poor

  • Bonnie Sims

    I love her. I want it I got I got be like I don't have to be a 🐺🦄🐎🐾🐿💔💚💜💛❤️💙❣💕💖💞💝💘☮✝☪✡☸🕉🔯🕎☯⛎🛐☦♈️♉️♊️♍️♌️♋️♎️♏️♐️ Who agrees with me she's a swore I love her so much

  • Thanida voraviwat

  • Marissa Barrera Mercado

    Esta chido su rap!!!!!!!!!Te amo eres una diosa Eres buena cantanteTienes voz de angelLike si tengo razon♥♥

  • Song2LongUnsung

    Why do people like this? I'm genuinely curious.

  • Violet Gonzales


  • Sai Pagare

    I'm just addicted to this❤

  • Laraine Williams

    you like my hair? gee thanks...its naturallike a black queen

  • Shannon Bracy

    HA! you like my hair gee thanks just bought it... GIRL I'M BOUT TO SNATCH THAT WEAVE!! stop flexing on us poor people, you are so ungrateful bragging about all your money and taking advantage of it. STARTING TO REMIND ME OF MILEY CYRUS NOW! no hate I just find you to be spoiled and entitled.

  • Entre Libros Y Waifus

    o sea que esta tipa ya igualo a los Beatles en no se que record...,,,alguien me explica por que no le veo en ella algo diferente a otras cantantes...

  • Bonnie Sims

    Make sure yo hit the 👍🏻 button

  • Red Pup21

    Is it just me or did she just copy a song. Because this sounds like my favorite things

  • Judy P

    Pure Garbage and this is award winning? Very sad.

  • Jonathan Horlor

    You like my bum?Gee thanksJust wiped it.#7ringstings

  • Keyoni Smith

    Go Ariana Grande I've been supporting you since I was very little like maybe 10 now I'm 14 years old I swear you make the bomb ass songs.. Keep making these bomb ass songs.. Keep up the great work I love you!!!

  • Tandra Jones

    been through some badness

  • Raffa Mayer

    Ariana "Grande" Altura:1,53 Mais okay Né sksk MARAVILHOSA ❤️..

  • Luisito

    Oí nomas ese cumbion :v

  • Tyaiona Jones

    No homo but who else kept look at her butt when she said money stacked like my a$$

  • 2trappy

    I can’t be the only one wanking to this vid

  • RaiD Saint

    Subscribe to me and get clout like Ariana’s!

  • Alonebananabread

    Can't believe she did favorite things dirty like this

  • Neetu Bhambri

    I see itI like itChecks priceThank you, next

  • Apenas um garoto invisível na sociedade


  • TheCarThot

    This is either the ultimate flex song or a song for friendship

  • Wayne Young

    This song is literally keep and my friends when we get paid at work.

  • Lyla Schelich

    Been through some bad s**t I should a sad b***t

  • S14Y3R 9828

    2:22 Poor dog is in all this

  • #WeTheBangTV

    Remix ft Lil Baby and Gunna 🔥

  • Inspa rite

    We blasted this so loud my cousins car shook

  • Dance Drama

    Why did the best, classy songs have to be turned into a disgusting/dirty song? This song originally came from the sound of music/Mary Poppins and now it’s an Ariana Grande‘s music playlist?! Like seriously, do you have no better ideas to create your own music that you have to pay money to take someone else’s?

  • tu bb

    Like si eres latin@ Like si Ariana es la ama :v

  • The S-MAN

    This song Str8 🔥. Biggest pop star in the world. Easily

  • Laraine Williams

    this reminds me of kpop....i like kpop

  • megann helms

    Jojo Siwa needs to do what Ariana did:buy some hair

  • Mr.Screzzy

    I love her so much, f*ck she’s so hot damn

  • Bored

    When your mom lets you order coke instead of water.

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