Shakewell - Leglock (Official Music Video) Prod.MTM Directed & Shot By Dan Streit

Video Production : Adam Talan

Illustrations By : Adam Talan

** Stream Big Juice Tha Sip **


Apple Music :

Produced by Mikey The Magician
  • bulldoge115

    So everyone gonna sit here and act like boss top aint drop this

  • Flynn Swagmire

    This dude fucking gets it.

  • The Plague

    Shakewell like,ATM Arby's got the meats.🍖🍗🍔

  • Benarus

    Shakewell can get it! <3

  • FeltzYT

    Rappers in 2017: Lil DickyRappers in 2018:Shakewell, Lil ToenailRappers in 2019: Lil Smurf, Lil Teletubby, Lil Tankengine

  • kaleb b

    recommend finally found something I like

  • Lahey The Chinchilla

    For some reason the window blinds scene had me on my ass laughing.Lmao golden

  • mattsmusika

    Can I get an Uncle Ricardo T-shirt?

  • Bobby Lawn

    Inside outside, come around...who's that?? .......BROWN!!

  • 847MicRoss

    When there's no swears so you can play this at work and around your kids. :)

  • Madeline

    this episode of tim & eric is sick

  • Adrian Nixon

    Brown fuckin egggs in this bitch

  • Gucci Gunther

    This boi should be in the next season of Trailer Park Boys 🙏

  • 123456789 0

    When you hear your favorite music from others

  • kappin kraken

    This video is my vibe for 2018

  • Paul Lynch

    I'm real dissapointed there wasn't any talk about heelhooks or toeholds.

  • juiccy

    brown 2 after poison spray stops working

  • ImDeadCallLater

    Imagine this guy leglocking you...

  • Illwill81

    Was this directed by Tim and Erick?

  • N 8

    The Hills Have Eyes camera game

  • JinxXx the preAcher Anderson

  • Cuda 1970

    Bam Margera? Is that you ?

  • Zack Arnold

    This video is disgusting. I love it.

  • Nelson Hernandez

    Shakewell deffinitely took some notes from Gesaffelstein

  • THunderfall 6909

    Imma keep on stomping till his neck pop

  • Miles McDuffie

    We can't lock lips tear falls from eye

  • Xx Yy

    Terrible music and disgusting visuals. Who genuinely likes this? Wonder who will die first him or fat nick

  • Carson Yates

    Such an amazing video... true art

  • JaySmitty33

    Wheres bubbles at. He be good for the trailer park theme.

  • Nonha Rowena Uhmm

    I just realized the sound in the background sounds a lot like a distorted version of the critters at the begging of Stranger Thing S1 ep5

  • Orion z

    i like these kind of mv where the rapper just stare at us 😂😂😂

  • Cryptati0n

    this vid is insane but the song slaps

  • Lazarus Minty-walker

    What camera is used? Looks dope

  • Itsiwhatitsi

    Produced by Adult Swim

  • David Postma

    It's the redneck post malone

  • MarcoFAlfaro

    this and 100 bars n gunnin are my top 2 songs of the year

  • 24H0URZ

    I came to see the headscissor

  • Kurtis Boone

    fire, video is a work of art.

  • Xannny

    Sounds like fat nick

  • Crysis

    I like how trashy but good this is

  • Ahan Firemand

    Post Malone really let himself go

  • Kayla Moser

    This video is beautiful❤️ so are shakewells eyebrows 😍

  • Mike

    This could be the greatest music video ive ever seen

  • jerrythemailman

    this is fucking boss

  • ODOG 3

    He stole bosstop flow listen to bosstop-Hell Nah

  • figo nacci

    get that money shakewell!!

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