Shakewell - Leglock (Official Music Video) Prod.MTM Directed & Shot By Dan Streit

Video Production : Adam Talan

Illustrations By : Adam Talan

** Stream Big Juice Tha Sip **


Apple Music :

Produced by Mikey The Magician
  • simon

    he looks so threatening

  • Subpar Gandalf

    The video hypnotized me away from the fact this song actually slaps

  • ScribeSlendy

    This is the most cursed video on Youtube

  • hilbasaur

    this is a masterpiece

  • goomah35

    Why is there an ARGUMENT if this is art?? Can't we ALL just say its ENTERTAINING AF!! this is the BEST WORST VIDEO EVER!! I feel lk they shot this video in the trailer park down the road in EAST TN where I live!! I feel lk I have seen these people at the dollar general yesterday! So many aspects of this video are HILARIOUS!! Love it!!😂😍👊😂

  • Xina Moira

    He cute but I'd make him go running with me lol

  • Joseph Krieger

    Shakewell is a mix of post malone and ruby with action bronsons body

  • Michaelqwerp

    “MTM hit ‘em with the heat!”

  • Nate Turner

    That nigga stole bosstop hell nah flow

  • LeTHaLiTyTV

    this whole video just reminds me of Florida

  • Chris Shannon

    such an oddly curated video

  • turbo news

    100% rotten tomatoes im glad i stumbled on this

  • j rock

    Show me a better music video


    0:49 When someone shows up at your door without texting or calling first

  • vsm pzd

    he s fucking crazy,but i love it

  • Sleepy

    Damn this shit is amazing!

  • nolan thompson

    These ads these days smh. Psychics are real 😂😂😂 suuurree

  • KenKat

    Chumlee is that you!?

  • DJ Cockwaffle

    This video is pure gang shit

  • David Mills

    This looks like the lowered expectations dating service from Mad TV.

  • Joey da real

    Can anyone name the track he nit his flow from on this?

  • Vadim C.

    Бля,это ахуенно!respect👍🏼

  • Erobis Gaming

    yoooooooooooooooooooo i know im late but yooooooooooooooooooooooooooo this fire

  • i am drugs

    I think hes handsome af. Just sayin. And this songs my ish.

  • Joey Flacko

    idk why this video is so funny to me lol

  • Behzey

    S/o poke for puttin me on

  • Neverforget

    need more like this mr.shakewell. ty

  • Well

    Clicked on this video thinking it was a meme, very surprised with how fire this is

  • Yes’m Yes’m

    This video saved my marriage, thanks

  • Abschluss

    Было сложно, но я подрочил

  • Kris With a K

    This man is a visionary.

  • Spicy Mayo

    im so glad this was in my recommendations

  • Fedor Shilin

    Что я сейчас посмотрел?

  • Bruno Franzin

    thanks youtube for putting this on recommendations

  • Arya Suri

    Thought that was ashens in the thumbnail. Looks like Eli in the video

  • Leftfootbeats

    Trailer Park Boys Swag

  • Smellydogvidco

    This feels like an episode of trailer park boys

  • Dogmo Satchmo

    This has been on my feed for a hot minute, and the thumbnail made me avoid it. After seeing it so much, I finally clicked. And my world changed....

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