Shakewell - Leglock (Official Music Video) Prod.MTM Directed & Shot By Dan Streit

Video Production : Adam Talan

Illustrations By : Adam Talan

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Apple Music :

Produced by Mikey The Magician
  • Dark psyde

    Eddie Bravo sent me here, dope vid lol

  • mohnmann

    showed this to my weed, its coke now.

  • MkZ__

    Holy shit what a shit

  • Alan Ross Martinez Rodriguez

    Edgi Brah brought me here

  • RoundFace


  • cory arnold

    Eddie Bravo says.....Hi.

  • stevenson56 stevens


  • David Rodriguez

    Who did Eddie bravo bring here?

  • Dark psyde

    This looks like the type of video that Bevis and Butthead would geek over lol

  • BrandMade

    Thank you Eddie bravo

  • Jake Allen

    lmao...thanks Eddie Bravo?

  • DontNeedToKnow84

    Eddie Bravo just shouted you out on JRE Fight Companion!

  • Chauncey Tomlinson

    rogan brought me here

  • Brandon Sue

    Edgy Brah brought me here

  • That Fact Guy

    Swear I saw this a long time ago... was this reuploaded?

  • Chey Sugar

    Crying in the mirror while lip syncing is a mood

  • Trayvon Zimmerman

    Someone slap Eddie Bravo for me

  • murdowurdo

    Eddy bravo had me look into this

  • Confusing People

    Freaking Eddie bravo...

  • adamflanck

    10th planet jits baby

  • Rhino Dub

    eddgy bravo brought me here

  • Anicodeaufo 59

    1:03 You should never give up your back to Brown 2.

  • Abraham Washington

    Eddie bravo name drop

  • nms499

    Eddie Bravo brought me here.

  • Robert B

    Eddie Bravo sent me here

  • Sellam Ismail

    Eddie on JRE FC sent me here. Props to Eddie! TOE IS A SHILL!!

  • GRiM HbR H

    Shakewell x Eddie bravo collab coming soon!

  • Jack Hancho

    Joe rogan experience anyone?

  • John Frankovich

    Edgy braj sent me here.

  • Aces High

    So this is Eddies idea of brilliance... No fucking wonder he's a flat earther

  • Autumn Draws

    Slightly confused but good video

  • A L.s

    Expressionless talking

  • H37

    Eddie bravo blowing your shit up

  • Doc Cock Grande

    Eddie “Look into it” Bravo brought me here

  • nomas chenko

    This goes harder than it has any right to


    1:19 hey!! is that crack head version of Morgs mom

  • Hashtag_Aliens

    Eddie Bravo sent me. (Joe Rogan Experience - Fight Companion - February 17, 2019)

  • Genji Sann

    Thank you eddie bravo

  • JT Shelton

    Thank you Eddie Bravo.

  • Tunde-MireyaGuzmanOrtiz Abiola

    The video direction slaps.

  • cannabisdeathmorbs

    Here because of Eddie bravo on Rogan

  • Julio Gomez

    Eddie Bravo brought me here!WTF???

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