First Primitive Year at the Hut One year ago today I uploaded the first video of my primitive living series showing how I built my adobe hut. During the past year I've done and learned so much more such as home improvements, built an adobe rocket stove, primitive weights, primitive cooking, traditional food preparation, and even had new neighbors in the form of birds. So here is a compilation of clips (some never before seen) from the first year of the hut.

I'm so happy with the growth of my channel and I thank you my fans and audience and YouTube too of course! Much more coming in 2019!

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Camera: Nikon D7200
Audio: Zoom H4N
Editing: Final Cut Pro X

Music credit:
Drums of the Deep by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
  • Danny Devito

    If this was real he would have a beard and the camera would have ran out within a few days.Still, entertaining to watch so I gave a like anyway!

  • DFA Sniperzz

    This dude is at Minecraft

  • It’s all About portal

    What happens to the baby bird


    Cuando juego al maimcra

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First Primitive Year at the Hut
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