World of Tanks || Luchs - Toy Tank Wildcat The Luchs is an underrated T4 German light tank, while it may appear as a Toy, never underestimate the wildcat - Dreadshells shows why in this killer replay!


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  • Phantom Echelon

    I played the Luchs when it DID see Tier 8 was still quite fun even then, provided you were VERY careful and sneaky.

  • Wurple Pie

    the old intro sounds like a vacuum turning off

  • Alex Krstulovic

    It has been nerfed I think to 8 rounds/ magazine

  • DeadGirlDontSayNo

    I miss this map. MORE MAPS WARGAMING, MORE MAPS!!!

  • gymkhanadog

    The Luchs is one of the most hated autospammers in the game. F everyone who uses this vehicle and others like it to just do nothing but troll. Which means basically everyone because all anyone has to do is roll around clicking auto-aim and holding down the left mouse button. Instant kill for almost any tank, and then they can roll on with half a magazine still full and do it again. F all autospamming vehicles like the luchs. Get in a real tank and build some skills up. Don't just go for the noob spam-cannons. >:(

  • Nice Try

    If only luchs could kill...

  • Regis Aex

    you should do tank voices on a puppet show man ... : "oh god, no mr luchs that's my hull" :)))

  • Dirt Bag

    The 33deg traverse is on the turret lol

  • Petra Darklander

    These replays make me feel like a total nob.

  • Breezy Mods

    I like the tank before it better but eh I guess I’m a faggot pussy

  • terry steele

    1stly still a big fan Q.B. Thanks for all the videos Sir. The main reason why so many say Ooohhh its so OP. I believe is They 1st fail to realize it can be a handful in learnig to drive it effectively almost like controled chaos or Yolo with purpose lol. You cant just hop in it and exploit its speed and maneuverability and live very long without practice. Training rooms with a friend or on Blitz oneself You can run it flat out learning maps but practice drive bys on the destructible targets oil drums. trucks and such. They also dont realize the fact it does get brutal match making so the people only see the low teir matches where they are in a Pz 38 and they get destroyed with ease but dont see the next match where the Luch gets one shot ziging where it should of zaged or slide into a heavy killing itself. These same players when reaching teir 7 will laugh at how they murdered the Luch saying wow they must of nurfed it. When no its the same. Due to ease of being able to play anywhere I play blitz as well as PC . Its then best friend a man can have when shopping at the mall with his lady. Just nod yes baby ohh I was listening I ment phat not your ass was fat Wheeeew gotta pay a little more attention lol . Due to map size I think. The Blitz Luch only 3 in the clip and less swing in its hip by a few degrees. But still very fun.

  • Steven Zhu

    Is this map an old one? Why i haven't seen it?

  • Maorys975

    Luchs needs nerf to gun. Its op on his tier.

  • Dunkel_hight 1

    it's nice to see after 2 years you're still profiting off other ppls replays. boob

  • Cyvetore 01

    That map Is deleted from wot nowadays.


    Shame the Pz 38(t) NA didnt fire at the end

  • AJ 0

    Could he kill a T97?

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