Fat Nick & Shakewell - Pemex (Official Music Video) Download / Stream : https://smarturl.it/muuynk

Produced By : Flexatelli

Directed & Shot by Dan Streit

Produced by Adam Talan

Camera Assistance by Tanner Hall, Alex Acebal & Ritt Pong

Production Assistance by Sean Dwyer, Tanner Cleveland, Keyan Dale, Jason Farhanbod, and Sean Chamilian

Cast :

Fat Nick
Gelbert Minamoto
Kelly Ahn
Kirill Revega & Filipp Revega
Hayley Holmes
Jeremiah Walker
Luis Espinosa
Steve Gelder
Jack Bornoff
Enrique Maldonado
Ever Quintanilla
Olivia Cortez
Brendan Dominski
Lucca Hutson
Dakota Kleinbach
Quentin Santini
Donny Parsley
Shane Simpson
Nicholas Mamos
Didier Verdejo
Itachi Cleveland
Benji Farhanbod
  • metalycat

    Let it burn 😂it kills me

  • alphaomegafire

    1:55 when you trying to sneak some food out the fridge at night and it's not yours but you get caught by the person it belongs to.

  • Commander Holy Hands

    He needs to lose weight I’m scared of his health

  • Sick boy

    the best song of 2019

  • TYLER v6

    Fat bros in da block

  • Diego Solana

    Is the video telling the story while the lyrics describe characters?

  • SaltyGummy Mike

    Reminds me POST MALONE

  • arty ziff

    Me: nothingYouTube recommendations: 0:56

  • C:\ Infinity madness REBORN

    This video is so weird.I LIKE IT!

  • Sad Boy 808

    Ching Chong's family

  • Angel V

    dam shakewell did better than fat nick frfr


    can shake stay for dinner?

  • T Birdz

    Shake is silent Bob reincarnated

  • Young Suga

    Fat nick look like one of those rats from flushed away...

  • Zack Jeannotte

    Shakewell has the best part of the song

  • zx sađ bøy xz

    Um trap da pesada kkkk

  • Nathan Young

    So fucking creative tbh

  • Balloon Poop

    I hope these guys lose some weight. I'm not trying to be a dick but they are really bordering on the "you could randomly die from a heart attack" level of obese.

  • TheCheshireCat Channel

    Sasaya this is amazing 👋

  • Bigfoot

    When you don't have soul 1:32 1:52

  • dan36920

    I know Eddie Bravo is somewhere in these comments...

  • EcoZones2D6

    Mom, dadstop fighting


    this introduced me to shake. holy shit. love it

  • Mfdoomusic Rapdiccion

    who instrumental producer?, sorry i'm italian no parlo english

  • Moritz Knoch

    I love this song 😍 my favorite song. Fat nick the best people of the world

  • billis the realist

    its nice hearing fat nick without auto-tune


    This may be a stretch but...i think the video shows his parents fighting because of the fathers remorse for raising a child that clearly was not his. He likes shake because he sees it as a chance for nick to bond with his real dad, as well as an out for the father. The mom confesses she cheated on her husband in the church scene. Then we see the father explaining to nick that he and his mother are getting a divorce and he will be leaving. Idk....maybe i am just too high for the internet right now. Haha.

  • Fr3THC

    check out my music-----> https://soundcloud.com/fr3thc/sets/fav

  • Witek Herok

    That clip is incredible!

  • Mystic

    these guys are losers swear

  • Werrillot86 ;

    Hey. Let’s go to Russia and give there some concerts. Pleas.

  • Skeeter My peeter

    White trash Shakewell is the best Shakewell

  • Chris Rudnicki

    This shit is dumb hard!!!

  • the me

    the atmosphere in that guys house? fuck it looks like you just walked into someone’s house and recorded there. props to the set designer

  • Forrest Ight

    This be song is amazing xD fat Nick be up next frfr

  • XxMisfitsjoshxX

    Thank God that pink shit is over

  • Nathan Young

    Tell me why this is one of the most satisfying videos to watch or am I just high as fuck

  • Bryce

    Shake well sounding way to much like pouya

  • Jacob Escobar


  • Unicorn Workhorse

    I had no idea that the trashy aesthetic was a thing

  • Kody R Green

    This is a fucking music video, love this shit 💕

  • Billy Mullins

    Doctor Fill. Send help.

  • Rauz 1

    Best video of 2019?! :O

  • Wew Lad

    Which one is the fat nick

  • LaggyDaddy424

    Shakewell giving off some major Silent Bob vibes here

  • Evan Noriega

    It's obvious Shakewell and Fat Nick are trending in 2019! Keep it fire boys 🔥

  • Titan Leopard

    This is the first I haven’t been disappointed in my recommended videos

  • Go Mikey

    I don’t know who these guys are but I’m glad it was in my recommended

  • Corona kangaroo

    We need more flows like this. The vids 🔥btw

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