World of Tanks Blitz: T49 AMMO RACK COMPILATION T49 ammo rack compilation
  • Lane Shephard

    Schwalbe, some guy copied you, I will send u the link.

  • Tiger 131

    +Schwa1be how much rage and hate did you receive? I’m watching the clock and most of your racks are within the first minute haha😂😂😂

  • FileidosDaBoss

    „How many ammoracks can a T49 do? ”-All of them.

  • Finestra Enemy

    Why only with me this tank sucks

  • Ly Nguyễn

    best shoot ever men lololB-)


    Love the intro lol ahhhh the old days of T49 byw it’s me AWESOME101928 you should grind for E 50 M you will like it

  • Papu Animado

    9:52 fire + ammorack :v

  • Damn Mark

    tbh why does every moron who is in a light tank think that it has fucking armor.its call a light tank for a reason yah brainless monkeys.

  • Created Core

    Oh this was a last year that i loved so much

  • George Mayo

    Aaand then It got nerfed to hell....

  • Jackson WU

    Totally waste of money..... if i am you, i will use HEAT to kill the enemy that blood lower than 500.... One HE is too expensive....

  • TankDestroyer1000_2015 WOTB

    Heh back in the olden days when the T49 was so much fun till that one update that destroyed the T49 I can't ammo anything anymore

  • the titan buster team nightmare

    I love my t49 and I still do but I hate that they nerfed it

  • Mateus Henrique


  • AdonisplayZ KYT

    How did you get your reload on the T49 down to 14 seconds?

  • MdoriBankito Solu

    Gone were these days...

  • Rude_Magic TO

    That was not smart, that was afk xD

  • LShift

    Wait wait wait. Hired*


    My ping is 10 times bigger

  • Supergaming Tv

    Correction: your HiredI know your from a different country...

  • Melwin Mathew John

    I actually clicked on this video to get satisfiedBut I'm really jealous right now

  • onga bonga

    End 😂😂😂😂 I love this

  • John Darrel Cardinales

    What does "RNG" mean?

  • Marty Zebra AMX M4 45

    Well looks like the T49 is fired because it's asssssss now

  • Frostburn Phoenix

    now we need an ammorack comilation with the KV 220k sub vis maybe? :3

  • CaptainJackSparrow *

    How did you not ammorack a single t54It’s the easiest tanks in the game to ammorack especially with a 152

  • Jenifer Idoy

    Scawable how to get T49 A i forgot tho?


    0:06 wait isn't that the ru 251's shadow?

  • Jackson WU

    I got 2000000 credits, but i still trying to safe my money......

  • *blobfishclan

    I have now 2 ammoracks in 200 battles

  • atomic wolf

    Love t49 but too expensive to use HE shells are expensive for this tank instead of silver it's gold unless you use heat shells but on this tank it's harder to penetrat with them

  • Mitchel Phlypo

    I wish I got the 49 before the rng nerf to it. Now I’ll never enjoy the feeling of one shot kills almost every second. 😢


    The kv2 in the end though

  • Sgt Tony

    Most of these clips consist of him doing the ammo rack,then getting shot right after lol🤣anyways love the videos man!

  • Rai Kai

    I love seeing the t49 because he cant pen my front and my tank is fast enought to angle and i can pen with he

  • DarudeDude Vlogs and Comedy

    Hired* you noob..doesny spend time on making his vids

  • Herculean

    What nation is the T-49?

  • Thelower Terrarian

    I once Ammo Rekt a IS7

  • Tamerlan28

    Is it only with he and heat?

  • FirstOrderPilot

    So many JPanthers and SU-152's lol

  • CaptainJackSparrow *

    You spelled hired wrong

  • CaptainJackSparrow *

    It’s hired not highered

  • Charged Neutron

    Wtf you can't spell lmao. Hired.. Not highered

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