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1) Tornado Battle Hits: http://www.pkmods.com/battle-hits-by-tornado/

2) Hangar Manager:

3) TheFalkonett's UML Utilization Project: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/644772-thefalkonetts-uup-uml-utilization-project/

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You guys took my first episode in this series with a really nice and warm Welcome... So, let's make this a series!
In today's episode I am going to show off one mod that was recommended by A LOT of You, beautiful people, "TheFalkonett's UML Utilization Project".
This mod makes moving parts, that should move in this game, moving... It makes secondary turrets turn and, wait for it... FIRE! Yes, with that mod you can actually fire and move your secondary guns and turrets... I am also going to answer to some of your questions from my previous episode about "Hangar Manager" mod.

What do you think about that? Let me know about more mods in the comments!


►Tanks in action:
- A lot of tanks :)
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  • Avopro

    Works only you have in garage? That falkonet mod

  • The Dill Pickle

    this NEEDS to be added to wot

  • One Thicc Samurai

    It would be awesome if you could use mgsWar Thunder

  • Tasrr

    cool video but learn fucking english

  • maukku 1

    War thunder in wot confirmef

  • Marie BCFHS

    I just wish that WG makes arties deploying their spades at least in arty aim mode to add a bit realism

  • somehulabaloo

    I hope the secondary turrets are never added.

  • ultr0 Fury

    No entendí mi mierda pero like XD

  • Dylan Grafftey-Smith

    How do you have 200k gold??

  • Jasper Who Knows

    I think if WarGaming added secondary weapons being able to fire it would make the game too much like their Opposing company Gaijin and their War Thunder

  • Simeon Lazaris

    So others in battle cant see the mods? Wish they could.

  • MrMurphyum

    Secondarys: like in the warships, providing some extra damage output more effectively as the range decreases. And trigger flamethrower and set enemy on fire when they gets close enough! Awesome feature could be

  • Cute Little Matafaka :3

    Please somebody help me, i cant make the Hangar Manager work on my wot, i copied the WOTMOD-file to the Mods/1.0.0 folder and shit, NOTHING HAPPENS TADAA

  • PolskiSebek

    I would love to see tanks such as M3 lee with working turret or OI or KV4 or other tanks with turrets

  • The Falkonett

    First off: I do feel honored Dez. Thanks a lot ^^One thing, or rather one person I don't want people to forget, is Atacms. He made the UML (Universal Model Loader). It's basically the programming behind this.All I do, is to remodel the tanks to use his features. That's why I'm "utilizing the UML".The M56 Scorpion has the opening travel-lock, a rotating fan, breech operation & a moving steeringwheel btw. I try to do as much as I can with each tank.And about miniturrets not firing: That feature wasn't there when I did those tanks. Atacms is working on his mod aswell after all, improving it whenever possible.

  • you mad bro 97

    Now we need a visible crew mod

  • UnnecessaryAmmoRack

    Everyone here talking about War Thunder like it created secondary guns and rotatable cupolas

  • DimitrisDAKiller :D

    If is mod was in wot blitz WG probably it would be banned for cheating

  • Thunder Zeus

    Hello, I enjoy your videos, but could you please help me how to install this mod: TheFalkonett's UML Utilization Project? Best regards.

  • mon05

    So sad that every single feature that the ULM mod gives is already in War Thunder...

  • Bloopidy Bloop

    The cannons on the Chi-Ri are 37mm and 75mm guns

  • pavlatoar

    it s pity u did show german toaster:(

  • crippling depression

    Please try m3 lee with this mod

  • Gaming Arcania

    Just play war thunder if you want muliturret tanks

  • TheArklyte

    WG could have done it long ago. Both their planes and ships support secondary weapons along as many other mechanics like smoke, bots and so on. On the SAME engine. But they'll never do it because they're just lazy:P

  • Berry Rich

    Some of the animations dont work for me, can u explain to me how to fix this?

  • WeeHenThe Amazing

    da cyka. vodka vodka lada nyet.cyka mama mama

  • senor hitlet

    That pzsfl has hits skirts down how


    I'm pretty sure the sound effects are taken from war thunder, not bad tho, well done

  • Jakov Vrbanec

    A-44 with this mode... four machine guns. I really want to see that tank with this mode.

  • bjarne kull

    what happens if you save a garage where you play some small tank like T1 and go between 2 stones or any else tight place and change to a large tang that would not fit in?

  • Fuchs Markus

    dieser mod geht nicht sobald er gedownloaded wurde und gestartet wird zeigt er an das der PC im oflin modus ist was garnicht sein kann also ist der mod schrot

  • Foxy The Pirate Fox

    In autoloaders they should make the shells ejecting out of the turret

  • Dragan Lalovic

    I noticed that you have a T92 as a rental tank. my friend yesterday got M4A1 revalorisé as a rental tank and I did not get anything. How to get rental tank?

  • Expierement_1

    I feel the machine guns could only harm crew and some equipment not damage the tank itself

  • Communist Fluttershy

    Some of the mods should be in the game, as mechanics.

  • Joseph Gehring

    I installed some of these mods for WOT and haven't played in a few weeks. I just got an email from WG saying I have been banned for 7 days for using illegal mods/bots. Dez, what is up? The only mod I used before this situation was Quickybaby's, then I installed these and got banned.

  • Googlearedogshit Nomoreautentificationforfreestuff

    They first have to take out seeing silhouetes through bushes, they have to rework gameplay, then these details.

  • Solomon Samuel

    actually I work for wargaming, and that is just awesome, I will tell my supervisiors Big Like Dez

  • AThrowableKnight

    War thunder has that like shooting the Machine guns

  • Kurt Elliott

    The Bat Cave garage is back!

  • smartwizardst1

    After launching World of Warships and the Frankenstein halloween game mode with multiple turrets and weapon systems on tanks I can't understand why this is not happening in the vanilla game. It is obviously doable within the current frame of the game. M3 Lee or the Grant for that matter, also the French B1 or the Japanese multi-turreted heavies, not to mention the Vickers Medium III or the SAu 40 would be a whole new level of amazing if they could use all their weapons instead of only one that we have as default. It would give much more creative options into the hands of tank commanders.

  • MrMurphyum

    Dez! You don't have to get lost in folders when you install these mods! Ude Solo's mod installer, and it does everything for you. Makes life easier.

  • Villisika

    Oh I would love to kill the crew of the opened Pz. Sfl. IVc with machine guns. Secondaries would be an absolutely amazing feature to be added. Imagine, it could make the turrets of Grant and M3 Lee useful!

  • Swag Dog

    How did you shot with small guns? Wich button?

  • Nis Pompetzki

    is it Compatible with ProMod ?

  • Darren Villanueva

    just askin, does your enemy and teammates saw it moving like the turret gun and some doors?

  • szamif

    It took me for a minute to realize that hangar manager is not “anger manager” as I heared it.I started to get happy that I will have a good mod to help to manage my anger. :) Actually that would be the most useful mod ever, I guess... :)

  • Kenton

    How can I uninstall it?

  • JayDog

    My girlfriend left me after she heard your voice, now she pleasures herself to your videos

  • SirNugger

    If this mod became a part of the game maybe m3 lee would be better

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