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▶︎ Magic Mandy:

▶︎ Marc Spelmann:

▶︎ Maddox:

▶︎ Magus Utopia:

▶︎ Sora:

▶︎ Andrew Lee:

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  • Sk Official

    Hey Guys Here is New Youtube Auto Viewer and liker

  • Rohit Yadav

    Ver good amazing i really shocked that's a magic

  • DaneWare

    7:30 it was just some editing behind the stage ... how ask any of the magic i will anserw it ;)

  • Mai Hồ

    15:14 what name of the music ?

  • Anwar Sopian

    Dengan magic dia mengekspresikan dirinya

  • Samiullah Kaifi Official

    card was already attached with knife , He press the knife button to bring card on top

  • Kaybee Ololade

    I think all is the best to me

  • aizat lah


  • Brandon watkis

    simon loves the number 7

  • Laura Horvatin

    Omfg that asian knife throwing guy is sooo hotttt

  • The Orange Orange

    Well I found free $5624a money making system that is really working:(just go to) Great work...

  • Attique Ur Rehman

    Every time I see the real magic, my believe and faith in God becomes stronger and stronger because if ordinary people can do this with the help of devils which are not seen with naked eye, how powerful God would be and why shouldn't we believe that angels exist.

  • pedro malenko

    shin lim no esta entonces este video esta obsoleto

  • L.P.Sudheendra L.P.Sudheendra

    The second act was mindblowing also emotional

  • Chop Inchoprorate

    the japanese lmaoooo

  • Torredelmaiz 3

    Piff the magic dragon was always the best.

  • Sayan Biswas

    i was speechless to see the second magic.

  • Brando Bayani

    8:24 is the best scene.

  • Kurome

    12:17My heart suddenly melted :(

  • Los juguetes de gisele

    the last one was amazing omg me ha dado mucha pena

  • Pee Cee

    Very emotional I almost run tears

  • jwekkli mos

    The second one was really heart touching man!

  • 100000 SUBSCRIPTIONS no video challenge

    subscribe me guys <3

  • haris rao

    i love the 2nd magic

  • 성지훈

    What is this intro music?

  • moon guen

    In second video he was amazing dad to caring his wife and baby..i love it ..brilliant...strong person...

  • vakum kumar

    How 2nd magic was done...confused.

  • Thai Gonson plzz subscribe my channel 😊

  • Game Maniac 90876

    The 2nd act was really real magic

  • MatMat For Life

    The last one made me laughed so hard

  • Reginaldo lopes dos santos

    maravilhoso os espetáculos dos mágicos

  • Samiullah Kaifi Official

    24:46 card is binded in center because its used over knife (A center line)

  • Kris B

    The last trick was too obvious!

  • kamta star

    The second magic was superb mind blowing and heart touching ❤️❤️😘😘👌👌👌

  • Pikachu_ Draws

    Hmmm...what magic trick can we do oh i know!If you click that 👍 button it will turn to blue👇as well as the top👆

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