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▶︎ Magic Mandy:

▶︎ Marc Spelmann:

▶︎ Maddox:

▶︎ Magus Utopia:

▶︎ Sora:

▶︎ Andrew Lee:

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  • Indian Gamer

    Stop at 13:02 And then :-My Name Is SODA

  • Official Account YouTube 101

    Britain's Got Talent

  • Wadena

    The first act the guy was under the bed you can see the black part hanging down😂

  • Todd Sheil

    The second one was an amateur magician trick, but sad nonetheless.

  • Nintendo Wolf

    The second act... How..... That's extraordinary!!

  • Frenchfries

    Roses are redViolets are blueYou came for the thumbnailSo did i

  • rj puhal

    Maybe it's all scripted..

  • Hira Fazal

    awww i got so emotional

  • Pre Cious

    2nd one made me cry like river😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • loopy lou

    Wow the first act was spectacular. The judges n audiences face was priceless. Poor Dec, I wonder if he wet himself.

  • eswara vimalakar

    first time in my life i love the word 'hate'

  • fahd sabya

    اللي عنده العرض الثاني مترجم يعطينا

  • Thomas Vebr

    Very simple tricks wrapped into emotional family story got almost everyone ,another who feel sorry with me

  • Smauxd S

    Dude Amanda will be on 16th of February 48 years old, I thought she is 35 or something like that

  • Aiyaz Sabir

    Six magic act was awesome as well as emotiona

  • Lemon. Ba_na_na

    the second one looks like the guy that got a golden buzzer from david. he sang poorly though.

  • Corayma Jazmin Vásquez Palomino

    Queeeeeee ir español

  • Enaya Raka

    2nd one is can he did it..!!!!!?

  • Taylor Swift Forever

    15:05 Is the person sit in the crowd was Captain America??😳😳

  • You Carlos501TV Oficial

    Soy de Ecuador y soy nuevo en esto.Me pueden ayudar a suscribirse ami canal xfa.

  • Simon Randall

    Idiots in the wings. Shut UP!

  • James Bond GT

    all r gud we cant do any of them perfect tricks

  • Nicolas Promium

    10.00 dan sonra artık herşeyi sorgulamaya karar veriyorum ...

  • Kamile Robinson

    the second act was unbelievable WOW!!! Magnificent

  • Shri Rathod

    Wow very nice magic 👌👌👌....

  • grechiel Ador

    I now how to do rubik's in 1 second because that is not magic that is cheating!!!😎😎😎😎 be honest!!😇😉

  • Jorge Ayala

    El truco del chino...minuto 23....FACILITO.....el que quiera que se lo diga solo pregunteme .

  • αrα

    Real magic comes from the heart

  • Cryingsoul14

    the second act..... my matter how many times I watch it my reactions would all be the same....literally weeping, so moving!

  • KyloRen Gamer

    The first magicians are aliens But i'm don't the understanding the world more

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