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▶︎ Magic Mandy:

▶︎ Marc Spelmann:

▶︎ Maddox:

▶︎ Magus Utopia:

▶︎ Sora:

▶︎ Andrew Lee:

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  • Izan Mohammed

    What the rubix cube guy did with Amanda is simple it's a technique I know I use if it's already solved if u do 1 same move again and again then will be solved back he showed her the move she did it

  • Diki

    The first He Hide into Bedcover, that's the Key

  • Eta Sonita

    wow e second one is very touching

  • umar g

    I love only Alesha Dixon

  • TheLast Rebel 3

    The second was the best!

  • WolfieBowl 82

    Who was cutting onions during the second act?

  • sabeek lazurde

    Sama vera level i hats of you

  • Dharmendra Singh

    Good magic American show tallent,

  • john yzekiel duro

    second magic i believe is real

  • Ram_mn

    Anyone saw that thing in Simon’s hand ? 4:42

  • RADZA Movie Boy

    there is thing most powerful than magic.LOVE is the most powerful thing in the world .

  • الرسام والخطاط اليماني

    It is a very special pleasure in the 12th minute

  • Safal Kunwar.R7

    who was cringing in 3rd one!!!!??? or am i the only one

  • Crash X

    Judges dumb faces expressions

  • john yzekiel duro

    second magic was real magic

  • Andy An

    Malaysia is so goooooooooood


    The second magic act was amazing as well as emotional!! ☺

  • SPORT show

    the last one was so simple

  • AAA ZOne

    Just watch once Most Amazing reaction of hot English Song

  • Madhu anumala

    The very first one is like oh my gosh.. Its beyond imagination.. Watching a nightmare live, i do get em often.. Fantastic.. U guys are real talent 🙏🙏🙌

  • Maya_Ji Romania_se

    marcel is romanian for sure

  • Waheed Balushi

    second act was a miracle

  • Hayden Carmer

    At 10:55 he flipped him off

  • Ronja .85

    The second one makes no sense because he say in the beginning, that his daughter 2 years old is and later he write this was filmed 2 years ago. She can be 2 years and 11 month old but she doesn't look like under a year in this film. 😶 But it was cool making.

  • Nizam K

    Second one would hv made everyone cry

  • sojib Bhuiyan

    Second magic act best act

  • Sjdude Dinesh

    Number 1: real life nightmare..

  • john yzekiel duro

    The second magic is amazingand unbelievable

  • Ravi Shankar

    2nd made me emotional

  • Sjdude Dinesh

    Second Audition is the best

  • Synne

    Real magic is Ant wearing a red bra as well

  • Morbidfilth

    More like Britain got demons.... these magicians are performing black magic.

  • Sanjida begum

    The first one omggggggg..i am dead alive and second made me cry

  • Hanzila Hussain

    The loveliest magic of this world was the second one

  • Baraka Oscar

    act 2. Who shed tears ?come sign here

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