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"I Love It"

Kanye West and Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens

Record Labels:
Warner Bros Records / Tha Lights Global & Def Jam Music Group

Directed by Kanye West & Amanda Adelson

Executive Producer:
Spike Jonze

Kathleen Heffernan

Co- Producer:
Laura Klein

Production Company:

Director of Photography:
Sam Levy & Jason McCormick

Production Designer:
Tino Schaedler

Costume Designer:
Renelou Pandora

Marcia Hines & Kristin Heitkotter

Jo Baker & Jennifer Hanching

Jeff Buchanan

Assistant Editor:
Bye Dillon Stoneburner

Beau Leon, Framestore

Gloria FX

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  • Stamatis Kolovos

    What's wrong with the statues right and left???

  • Maddie Torres

    How in the world did they film this??? 😂

  • Vsevidiyuschaya Stasya

    Что за наркомания? :D

  • Georgie Steven

    Wow I didn’t know Roblox made merch

  • What Is Up

    How many robux did this cost?

  • Mr. Henry

    I thought it said "your boyfriend is a door" 0:24

  • Tannia Mei

    Nunca pense que diria esto pero me encanta este video😂😂😂😂💞

  • Makiyah Roseboro

    I’m catching Willy wonka vibes..😭 all they need is the goggles lord

  • I am Jungshook

    kanye looks like hes being held hostage

  • Steven Castillo

    Porq no ase una cancion en español

  • Nastya Verezonskaya

    what a funny bullshit

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  • Acro Natka

    most friendly song of pump :D

  • Georgie Steven

    If Roblox made merch

  • Serge Ariel

    My favorite part 2:02 the producer who films the film.Too good the clip. I just love it ❤

  • Fernando Cabrera

    My brother typed roblox and dis was the first thing to pop up

  • bennus nettus

    i just love the fact that when you scroll down the comments, even after after 10 minutes you still find comments with 1000+ likes xD

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    this new Roblox update is awesome

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    1:06 Lmao his voice sounds like he's had a ton of voice cracks.

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    Лайкните, чтобы американцы подумал что я написала что-то умное😹👌🏻

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