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  • José Ramón Montilla


  • Sydney Stewart

    Stop trying to make a man like you

  • Lenny Face Joe

    the song to start milf fetishes

  • Asiye Gürel

    Bu kadına neden bayılıyoorruummm

  • Depwessed Potato

    2:37I feel bad for that poor little girl they dragged into this...

  • 1000 subs without vids?

    That milk man could milk me...


    Лайкни чтобы американцы думали что я что то годное скАзала

  • carlos contreras

    What the fuck kind of music is this?????????

  • serge s

    бля, сатанизм какой-то уже

  • İlker Yüceler

    Milfville and Cuckville are essentially the same places

  • agnes sara joby

    it must have been really tough to write the lyrics

  • Jalen Hill

    How did the camera man do this with one hand?

  • Daniel Brown

    Every time i see her, she still has on pissy pants. Just cant shake that image. 😫

  • GhostCrowGamer

    Santa is going to be so mad when he doesn't have milk with his cookies... #GotMilk?

  • juan escareno

    this is the 38th time I've watched this, this week

  • GhostCrowGamer

    what a waste of good milk :(#Wasted Milk

  • Cosmo Cide

    Its as if Jimmy Urine and The Beastie boys had a love child and sent it to adult candy land at 2 years old. "Ya motherfucker" what.?

  • Alyssa Gooding

    Who else came here from vine

  • Professional American

    Dang I didn’t know Fergie got like that. I wouldn’t mind a milk (milf) shake.

  • ScreamingPatriot

    Annnnddddd I'm hard

  • Patrick Simpson

    juice, soda, and water has left the chat and server

  • R.boogiee 54

    Soo um is it weird that I did not get hard at all from this video?

  • yOoNgIs ShOoKy

    Love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Saksham Pandey

    Time to chug down a gallon of good ol Clorox. Clorox- takes the pain away.

  • Buse B.

    1:48 who is that guy?

  • Luis Fernández

    Una parte se parece a esta canción “Santogold - Unstoppable” sólo que la de Fergie es más rápida 😮

  • Gboythunda

    There's gonna come a day when everyone alive right now will no longer exist. That's weird

  • Trey Cook

    How dare a former Wildcat has the football players wearing Los Altos colors.

  • Raw Sauce

    240 million views smh this song is beyond trash

  • Zero

    I'm sorry to tell you but ya momma was a hoe

  • Jaya Moore

    I actually like the visuals and outfits

  • Grim Lock

    00:35 Suki !!!!! Fast & Furious

  • Logorrheic

    I, uh...made an ear-rape version of this song on my channel, if you'd like to hear it.

  • Swiftie 99

    You have to admit this is so well put together

  • ItzA Breeze

    I liked because she's hot

  • TheCaptainVirgin

    Guys, just saw Maria Hill there, i think Nick Fury aint gonna like it.

  • ayoub zouyen

    Heaven....yeeeeee damn I like it

  • Ariel

    Hands down the worst song

  • AssociatedMug

    Lmao I remember when this came out and I asked my step mom what a milf was.

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