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  • Ruben Dylan

    I need a MILF. In my life

  • AvaFromEngland

    Well, she definitely has that milf money.

  • SraPollofrito

    This is like a very twisted milk advertisement

  • Steve P

    We know you can sing, so why make crap like this Fergie?

  • Max Knierim

    Who is listening the song in 2042?

  • UKAS

    Sponsored by "He needs some milk!"

  • TheRandomGamer 909

    STOP IT GET SOME HELP AND kids these days😮

  • Rayray N

    Y’all be here talkin like Anaconda doesn’t exist 😂😂

  • Reese Ali

    this is pornographic fergie ur so nasty i dont like u

  • J boi

    0:52 - 0:56 what a lovely day

  • Gaetano 77

    Ma ma ma ma e un questo non e porhub

  • Marek Sainer

    Can you imagine being the camera guy for the music video?

  • Dhop Buzz


  • Mr Peanut butter

    A stranger can post a video of a woman as close to nudity but when a celebrity does it, it’s ok they even get advertised !!!

  • Fan GTA V

    HOT MILF90% porn5%dance5% music

  • Fuck u

    plz guys inst of right of center

  • Ozean kobra2003

    enough internet for today... 😂

  • Halo

    how come when someone dose something they make the innocent thing look bad

  • Pain Naguto

    0:52Come in the front door leave out the back door whip it, I'm gay!

  • Pam Syvertson

    Umm this just made me even gayer than i already was😣😣

  • PinkasBrown44

    Who wants a huge Mc Donald´s milk shake after this one ?

  • 2.5Boxer Powered

    Parental Control has blocked this video because of the explicit content in it. Have a nice day, 9 year old user.

  • some loser

    To watch with family🙌

  • Amritansh Srivastava

    The are soooo beautiful i wish i be there

  • Panic Damage

    I want a teacher like that😍

  • Kaelyn Riedel

    1 like equals 1 turtle

  • Panji Bagaskara

    Oh so youtube was sponsoring pornhub now? Kay then

  • the bams

    Bye bye no nut November

  • grant howell

    MilkI like milkLemme get some milkKim, move out the way, I need some milk

  • Flower Child

    The teacher scene is every boy's dream

  • Peachy Rxze

    Even after 8 years Fergie has still got it 😫

  • Miyahs Gaming And Vlogs

    Who came here for the vine?

  • Coco Zabala

    We love a great milk commercial

  • Goldie AllDay

    God Fergie from 00:45 to 1:02 is just so hot

  • NBAhereWeCome

    "I came here for the song." Absolutely no one

  • Rosileide Maria


  • Vivienne Bissot

    Zum Kotzen Ihr Amis müsst immer am perversesten sein. Es ist so vorhersehbar - einfach nur schlecht Genau der gleiche Crap wie Miley Cyrus und Co

  • Guess gucci

    Kim K ,Chrissy Teigen and Chloe

  • htennek1

    … is that Devon Aoki up in here as well?

  • Caroline Scott

    People think I look like Fergie do I Like this comment if I do and let me know on the Comments

  • Owloss

    Dude no nut november

  • Haley Coffey

    Well little girls this is the one u should follow and dress like her lmao

  • drag0nvalley

    ERB is thousend times better than this ;)

  • Troy Matthers

    Only iF she could really sing though! 😏

  • Soleil Clark


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