World Of Tanks 1.0 Vs War Thunder 1.77 My international channel, it's starting soon.
  • emarilda devolli

    World of tanks is super game of tanks

  • Friedrich Von Croka Schmidt

    You should have done War Thunder in Realistic than the Arcade!

  • jake nikolia

    Love war thunder so much more but the graphics in wot look really good

  • Mirka Kulikov

    Я играл в обе игры приличное количество времени, раньше они были куда интереснее.

  • Bálint Márki

    War Thunder of course!

  • deadmanwonderland

    Wot: you have to pay for everythingfull of nonrealistic tanksthose wins who use premium stuffshorrible look on minimal graphicsWT: realistic battleairplanesno prem shellsall thing that the Wot can show on maximum graphics i can see the same on minimal in WT and moreI can create or donwload any typeof skins for free.Can use machineguns, and smokemore modern and real tanksReally have to learn about the weakspotsNo spot machanismreal ruined maps not like a clear arenaBad in WT: ships

  • Yizhen OuO

    War Thunder wins hands down

  • Kamil Muskus

    War Thunder better :3

  • Marco Polo

    War thunder(the company)!almost worked for wot, Wot rejected Wt, looks like they made a mistake

  • Marinică T.

    I'm not a player of these games, but War thunder won...

  • vevercak 12

    Wotko je pro mně lepší 45fps a ve wt 25fps a lagy jak..... prasátko

  • TunaMayo

    I have played both games before and I cannot say which is better which because it all comes down to personal preference, I’ve played both Blitz and the PC version of World of Tanks and I have also played war thunder. I like world of tanks more, not because it is less realistic than WT, but because it’s more casual and fast paced than war thunder. Again, not saying that WoT is better than WT, just that I like WoT more.

  • luis silva

    war thunder is better at balancing pairing battles while wot and wot blitz battles are frustrating and unbalanced...

  • EVO I Fredric

    simple , wot = arcade , wt = "realistic"

  • Gospodar

    Tanks in wot looks zoomed out too much

  • Fun Man

    War Thunder of course

  • RedSimbol

    Thid video is old .Today WOT is better ekisdedede

  • Garnitureck

    I thought WoT is better (where's the pistol?)

  • 安達桜


  • goldtitan 337

    Not that world of tanks is bad but war thunder is better

  • Père Castor

    war thunder = NO FUCKING CANCER ARTY

  • Muhammad Alfisyahri

    WT I want u20gb download :'(

  • Shadow Of Gamer

    Uf jebote ovo brat nolifer izbacio a sve engleski komentari. Super video. Sirimo se i na strane zemlje. 😂👏

  • Darius

    war tunder is a copy of world of tanks â

  • Mr. B.


  • Ben Kilshaw

    you cant compare cuz WOT is an arcade not a simulator like WT

  • Šimon S.

    World of Tanks is for kids, war thunder is better

  • Adam J

    War Thunder wins Imho, it's because the sound in the game is a bit more interesting, such as the one shown in the video, and I like War Thunder more because of it's own intensity which you'll face on any battlefield, such as warfight and ground fight, combined in one, that's pretty amazing for me :D. Other than that, War Thunder also comes with some modern MBTs, and that's what the missing element of WoT is.. For real, I enjoy a WW2 game where everything in the game is directly represents WW2 environment and stuffs like that, but it would be bringing the hype feeling to the next level with the presence of some modern MBTs lul..#JustMyOpinion.

  • Foxy The Fox

    In my opinion if I have PC I would play WT but I will still play WoTB in my phone

  • Xavier Joseph

    Thus, proving war thunder is far better than WOT

  • Führer des Benutzers

    I never played either game but from what I can see..- WT has better physics, although the way each wheel moves independently from the tracks themselves in WoT looks pretty impressive.- WT has a much better sound design, but I heard you can mod these as you please in both games.- WoT seems to have better graphics (except for the water, which looks better in WT), especially particles and small effects like how the grass moves after you shoot.

  • 연필

    War thunder is not tank gameePlane is beterrrr

  • Capt Dogbreath

    Is Warthunder a crappy frustrating experience like WoT is said to be? Is it a means of raising revenue by providing non stop frustration with the promise of being able to buy your way out of it? Or is it really enjoyable?

  • MCM Magic Coco Mosaic Tiles

    I found the fraud on this site. I advise:

  • Astro_*

    World of tanks has much better graphics, but everything else goes to war thunder.

  • Alltank 77

    World of Tanks is better!

  • Allen Barbarona

    War thunder the best

  • Dark GamersZxZ

    War thunder is realll

  • One smol birb

    Only part when WOT was better than WT was the main screen, it was a little bit more realistic. Other than that, WT totally wins.

  • Paweł_69

    zmarnowałem 3 lata swojego życia na wota i trefiłem na WT i sie zakochałem

  • Vladislav Zolin

    Ну в War Thunder есть еще и самолеты с кораблями, так что господа...

  • Tadhg Manning

    I’m a wotb player but wt wins

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