World Of Tanks 1.0 Vs War Thunder 1.77 My international channel, it's starting soon.
  • ImpressiveVideos

    wt is better to play but wot has better graphics

  • CJH200iiWii

    Wot, they both have there ups and downs, world of tanks is more of an arcade, while war thunder is simulation.. so don’t hate on world of tanks for not being what you like. It’s a great game and has its place

  • Stefan Gamer Nesic

    Jasam te videob u grockoj


    War thunder es mejor pero yo prefiero jugar WORLD OF TANKS me llama más la atención y no trató de decir que sea malo es un buen juego pero yo quiero WORLD OF TANKS

  • indoraptor T.D.M.

    War thunder is better in every way

  • sakis agianoglou

    The bad thing about war thunder is that xbox ps4 and PC have the servers so the PC players can destroy the other player easily cause they don't have... mouse to turn fast its camera and for another reason that war thunder is bad is cause the WT have too many button than only a keyboard can have it not a controller (besides in ps4 (I don't know why ) is that you can't understand it how the system work that easy like in PC )( cause it's have the same buttons and clicking in a controller like the most game in consoles) But in wot Is have simple system (pretty simple I can say even 5 years old kid can understand easily how it works in my ps4 cause you have simple options and simple controls like the usual games ) (cod and bf V ect) have different servers so that PC players mobile players and console players will not messed up the game(the xbox with the ps4 have the same servers I think )

  • Shop-Market

    Все две игры полный шлак. Танковый экшн уже прошел давно.

  • _ Aquamarina

    WarThunder my tanks bounce while hit the other tanks, trees... WTF??

  • San'ka Shihov

    А чё вы Фпс то не сравнили а?

  • Monika Rokita

    War Thunder is better


    war thunder still da best

  • TankoRoma - TankoMul'tMeyker,TMM


  • Cambr _31

    War thunder is fuckin sheet , but WOT is nice game!!

  • XvideoXN XxN

    WOT blitz is Winner!!!

  • Bartłomiej Kacprzak

    but in world of tanks you get pretty decent POLISH TANKS while war thunder doesn't have!

  • l'oeil de la vérité

    Ces jeux ne sont pas comparables. L'un est un simulateur pur et dur, l'autre est un jeu d'arcade.

  • MusicWorld

    Да War Thunder сосет по танкам у WoT

  • Cristian G

    War Thunder is better guys

  • Airmanjack

    We can all agree world of tanks is trash

  • #So_BaKa# TV

    Для себя я выбрал wot. Мне он больше нравится но я не перестаю играть в wt

  • FatherlandFinland ϞϞ

    War thunder is best!

  • Mr_kot play

    Пиздец поставио в ворлд оф танкс низкую графику

  • Ghuleh505

    wtf, this is like comparing an apple to an orange.

  • Denis chobanyan

    wot is arcade and wt is simulator...nobody wins! winner is normal pc !

  • Aleksandr Golov

    WT - creator Russian Federation.WOT - creator Belarus, you if hate Russia , why you vote for WT?))

  • Dylan Grafftey-Smith

    Wot has way better water physics ngl

  • DA LA DA

    wt pro player=wot wn8 500 player

  • Gudvey Gudvey

    Тундра по геймплею в разы лучше. Там чувствуется тяжесть и вес танка.

  • Tudor

    Wot it s more arcade Wt it s more realistic And that s it, it s your choice

  • Vyacheslav Stadnik

    Улитки выиграли, но им всеравно есть над чем работать, и етой работы дофигища

  • Brazen Hammer

    War thunder gots it man

  • Jala-Buba Music

    Sine milion pregleda respect

  • Jan Štefan

    It is irelevant test...this is not important. War thunder is simulator for man👊World of tanks is game for kids...

  • lil volga

    Шо це хуйня шо це хуйня.

  • BrandoN eduardo

    Wtf wot shot gum ball

  • superstřelec CZ

    War Thunder is shit. Bad tanks, only copy of WoT. Not realistic, bad gameplay, no comment. When i see and play WoT, I'l be happy. But then I see War Thunder and I want die. War Thunder = 💩

  • ToPoViK YoUTuB

    Вордов танкс аркадная игра дауны

  • Ivko Krajina

    What a idiot , Just upgrade the grapich

  • Sans.Polish Xd

    War Thunder Win! War Thunder bestWot sucks

  • Pavel Vasili

    War thunder more realistic because its show xray while you shoot a tank and not based on health only based on engine health or crew

  • Davidgame_cz _

    War thunder is better

  • Erles Sovetov

    World of tanks win!!!!

  • Igor ydacha

    World of Tanks console win !!!!!!

  • KAkTU_ S

    War thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!😍

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