World Of Tanks 1.0 Vs War Thunder 1.77 My international channel, it's starting soon.
  • The RubyBane

    Comparing Arcade Game and Realistic game, it sounds stupidly, but dumbs continuing comparing it...

  • Created Core

    winner is already shown at the first place aaand world of tank fan bois will rage at me


    I like War thunder, but...World of warships makes war thunder navel look like a absolute fuck'n joke...

  • Xx DARKO xX

    Sta je ovo noliferu ahahha gle pregleda gle komentara xd

  • Hulusıserdar Yıldırım

    WOT For Kids .. WT For BİG BALLS

  • E. P

    And robloxs beats them both

  • tiger 1 da meme t0nk

    WOT sucks bcos the stupid match making system. Each battle is a 3 tiers battle example A tier 4 battling in a tier 6 battle, for average tier 4s can't pen tier 6s especially when theres a BLOODY KV2 and sometimes theres 2 kv2s. So WAR THUNDER is the best ww2 vehicles realistic sim game

  • zbyszanna

    So I started playing WT after playing WOT for about 3 years. The graphics in WT are nothing compared to WOT, it used to be the other way around, but at this moment, WT has a lot of catching up. It looks like a game from another epoch when compared to WOT now. WOT is simply gorgeous. It's hard looking at the WT after being used to the new WOT. As for other stuff, I'm at tier 2 in WT, so I haven't seen much of the game yet, but I think they have more interesting damage model. Tanks feel like tanks and tank battles feel like tank battles. The whole damage mechanics (no HP) feels much better to me, although you can argue that it is simply different kind of game. I like how the tanks feel properly massive in WT as opposed to WOT. I think this is because of the fixed camera, that is always close to the tank. In WOT you fly the camera away, so the tank always looks rather small. Oh, and the GUI and HUD is pretty bad in WT, I hope they will work on it in the nearest future. The tanks indicators (I play arcade) are often not readable and they look like some kind of a debugging tool rather than something that should be presented to the user. The map is often quite to follow, I had situations where I couldn't find myself on the map :)

  • Ehren Thomas

    war thunder has better over physics and graphics detail, but world of tanks has better sounds mechanics.

  • [BT] Zackesp

    war thunder is better

  • Akagi

    WoT: Health bar, arcade modeWar Thunder: no Health bar just kill the crew, arcade and realistic mode

  • salma khaled

    War thunder the best .. gameplay in war thunder the best

  • B-Y Bryce

    Both have terrible inaccuracies. My King Tiger was knocked out by a M4A1 Sherman in WT and my my Panther took 5 shots to knock out a Crusador in WOT. Is this Fury the video game?

  • Akagi

    My Friends is WoT Players and Im a WT Player

  • Aaron B.

    From my experience In wot if you get put in a match where most people have higher tier tanks you have no chance,while in wt you can do fine

  • Scottish Soviet

    Also take into account war thunder has planes with realistic flight models and they can be used as CAS with tanks in one battle

  • d h

    First played wot blitz then wt then wot i think i'll install wt again

  • matthew lemyre

    If you have a extra good pc play war thunder if medium worlds of tanks if low worlds of tanks blitz i use the worlds of tanks blitz game 😄

  • cray-Z game

    I played wot for 2 years but when I installed war thunder I uninstalled wot

  • Zack Zero

    I would say WoT has the best graphics and sounds imo but the gameplay for WT is really outstanding! And multiple vehicles as well with airplanes and cars like the puma!

  • Dumb Comment

    T34 1939 bounced my 8.8 within 10 meters

  • Vanadium

    thunder is impossible)

  • i told you not to

    You can't compare them. One is a arcade and one is a Sim.

  • Big Animated mator

    War thunder is more realistic more advanced world of tank world of warship is actually suck we just played it bc got nothing to play

  • Eross Van Leer

    war thunder is better in practically every way

  • Maksim Maksimov

    Мечтаю когда тундра выйдет на мобильнике

  • Cambodia Ball

    Minecraft Tank Mod Is Better Than This

  • Wan Wan

    Never played WT,but it seems more logical/realistic after looking at the comparison people made. I am gonna try it now. I am just sick of getting bad teams and stupid illogical cancerous RNG in WoT.

  • Hakken NR

    another time try full setting on WT and then doing video ike this :)

  • 폰 에튜와르트게르드 오토 비스마르크

    You guys want a real simulation game, go play Steel Beasts. Don't be crying in the comment section of a video comparing Wot and WT, go play a computer program that was created to train actual tank crews

  • Fortune PTg

    WORLD OF TANKS ONLY HAVE SOUND , WAR THUNDER is best in my opinion and i play both , wt shoting something actualy matters because there the inside components where the bullets hit and sharpnol matters in wot its just about 100% life 80% etc , also you cant compare a game with those graphics cmon man ,

  • Luuk_theunissen

    Stop calling 1 game "better" than the other.... like how retarded are you? Its personal preference

  • kz h

    Both games were made by russians and slavs so....😂

  • 타락천사

    Victory is Ours! - war thunder

  • Johanson Cong


  • Abraham

    so many fanboys in the comments, Everyone already knows WoT is an ARCADE game and WT is a slightly more realistic game (not a simulator like some would LIKE to believe ) BOTH GAMES ARE GOOD AT THEIR OWN THING.

  • Joseph Stalin

    War thunder obviously game is so well made in wot when you shoot it feels like ur shooting a laser and war thunder has some bad stuff but it is getting fixed just saying warthunder bether game

  • OddLik

    Udavices se! Hahaha balkanac <3

  • Carbon-based lifeform

    >track suspension physics test>drives on the flattest possible ground.

  • kz h

    War thunder is for people that thinks " Graphic matters"

  • DuckOnQuack

    I think if you want to have a more fair impression of how war thunder is different from WoT, then you should see how its played for a lot of us from a gamers perspective instead of a "demo" showreal. The graphics are nice in War Thunder, but they are not the reason people stay. Here's Phlydaily, who does a lot of war thunder videos./watch?v=SfOu_j1F93w

  • Nothing

    Эффекты в танках красивые конечно тоже.Но именно ощущение массы и метала там нет.А в вар тандере я прям чувствую физику и массу техники

  • DevilsNachoz

    Play War Thunder if you want an actual tank simulator. Play World of tanks if you want an arcade game.

  • Felipe Pradena SORDO

    world of tanks <3 :) juegos bien y War thunder noob juego malo

  • Piorun The Polish Gopnik

    War thunder <3333333333333333

  • Aleksandr Gus'kov

    War Thunder the best game about war equipment!!

  • 폰 에튜와르트게르드 오토 비스마르크

    World of Tanks is an Arcade game with health bars, and WT is a realistic simulator game. Comparing these two, we can't really tell which game is better and which is not. World of Tanks just returned with new physics and graphic engine just like how it is shown in the video. And in my opinion, the game looks great with it. The amount of cancerous players decreased, and the MM system was renewed. So for current World of Tanks players, it is a good game. Those people who liked the flow of the battle in World of Tanks and how you can see your skills get better by looking at the amount of damages you dealt, and blocked, are still really into this game. However, for War Thunder players, World of Tanks might just look like an un-realistic arcade game with softer looking graphics. This is why, we cannot be saying one game is better than other, when it comes to comparing World of Tanks to War Thunder. I play both games, and I truly enjoy playing them.

  • Magical Timmy

    the grapics on wot is better that wt but wt has better other stuff

  • - Ruttley

    Rather play WoT than arcade mode on War Thunder but Id rather play Thunder Realistic mode than WOT

  • 0lD g0d 4ire

    Если есть русские то объясняю гайджин ездили и записывали звуки танков на профессиональный микрофон

  • Elias L

    WT looks better and it's less pay-to-win

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