World Of Tanks 1.0 Vs War Thunder 1.77 My international channel, it's starting soon.
  • soldiert01

    as someone who has played both WOT and WT I can say that I greatly prefer WOT due to the simple fact that at least you can REACT to be being shot at by running away or getting to a better position or shooting back. get shot in WT RB and its usually a one shot, either that or your crippled to the point where you pretty much dead anyway. so I short at least in WOT you know whats going to happen if you get shot, wheres in WT you have no idea if you will be instakilled or just crippled for the rest of the game

  • MrSpaceOrange

    World Of Tanks won for my

  • Derposaurus

    Maybe has war thunder better graphics.... but the warthunder sniper mode, and GUI look is bad... wot is more fun!I play the games both they are both good. But I like wot more!

  • Biết Đi Cục Cứt

    WT is great, but one think I don't like it: the HUD

  • Master Zag

    Is war thunder free to play or u have to pay

  • Maks Sadof'ev

    WORLD OF TANKS Игра богов!!!

  • Devirgo Inc.

    А смысл видео вообще?Это две разные игры разных годов создания WoT к реализму вообще дела никак не имеет.War Thunder наоборот больше к реализму и новым технологиям.ДА ВООБЩЕ КОМОН У WOT ДВИЖОК ВООБЩЕ НЕ ПРЕДРАСПОЛОЖЕН К ПОНТОВОЙ ГРАФИКЕ И ВАШЕЙ УТИ ПУТИ ВНУТРЕННОСТИ ТАНКОВ ДАЙ БОМБАНУ.


    war thunder the best won

  • Egor Titov

    Ну вот World of Tanks явно лучше!!Ну а правда ты бы графику в wot поднял бы до максимума как wt и всё проблемы все решены.А ещё wt ДИКО ЛАГАЕТ СИСТЕМНЫЕ ТРЕБОВАНИЯ ПРОСТО ЗАШКАЛИВАЮТ А вот в wot такого нет.

  • Vladimir Lenin

    let's compare air combat then oh wait

  • SpartanCreeper T

    War thunder > world of tanks. Hands down

  • Sublime Sour

    Coming from since the beta of World of tanks and seeing where WoT lies now. They not worrying about the game. Just shoveling tanks down peoples mouths while they fill their pockets. Game Was good but the maps are to limited and everyone that knows how to play WoT knows what to do. Soo all that sad WoT is dying at a rate of alot per day. Stumbled upon Warthunder and it looks honestly more enjoyable but it could just be cause i am tired of WOT maps (doubt it).. Going to try this game out tomorrow .

  • YOBa :/

    А что на 1:00 кричало орудие заряжено

  • Jack Wright

    why cant people enjoy one game over the other or even both at the same time?is it rally a crime?

  • AKman

    War thunder in my opinion

  • jelly bean

    They r both equally as good

  • Emil215p

    I hate the fact WoT got health bars

  • Every Thing

    Played Wot for 1 year, found WT, never went back, Wot is tooooooo easy

  • Raivis Koļcovs

    World of tanks best. fuckers

  • Nolifer

    My international channel, it's starting soon.

  • MexesGameChannel

    Хочу тундру с графикой WoT

  • Mr. Stevi

    War thunder is better

  • Zhid 1

    World of Tanks super!

  • Gone With The Wind

    WT is way more better, I mean, fucking HP bars 😂😂😂

  • Pughgjk

    Ну и хули толку ,что дало сравнение ??что физика,звуки ,графика у тундры лучше ??Это и так все знают.Игры по геймплею совершенно разные.Картошке реализм и не нужен.Там свой геймплей и своя тема.

  • 폰 에튜와르트게르드 오토 비스마르크

    Both games look very nice.

  • SAT1URN1

    WoT I like CS:GO, CompetitiveWT is like Battlefield, arc-sim

  • Soona Chibi

    Well war Thunder has both tanks and planes and soon ships.... where I don’t have to download another game like wows just to play ships or wowp just to play planes... the same with region changes

  • 안지훈

    Physics: WOT<War thunder Sound: WOT<War thunderGraphics: WOT>>War thunder

  • white hole

    that s reason why we say war thunder is better

  • Pizza Guardian

    This will answer if World of tanks is better than War thunder..Wot - set amount of health and damage a tank can get. (Sometimes shells don’t bounce)War thunder - a set amount of damage for a certain shell and barrel of a tank (depends on what tank) and there is no set amount of health you can either bounce a shell using a certain angle with your armor or penetrate the enemy (that’s what she said) and hull break or crew eliminationIt’s safe to say war thunder wins because it’s more realistic and gives more to what wot gives. Meaning if you want to play tanks and play with an arcade feeling to your gameplay you can play war thunder’s arcade feature where it’s fast paced but still has a realistic combat system.If you disagree, you can’t do shit bitch

  • Dj Tom

    War Thunder is the best!

  • Linda

    They are completely different games stop comparing them

  • Jon Melkier

    War Thunder is ok but I dont like the ticket system, kill all tanks or cap seems much better for a fuller length of game time

  • FerZ'

    Вар тендер никому ненужная хуета. Не играю не в то не в другое.

  • the titan buster team nightmare

    War Thunder is better tanks like the t49 in War Thunder actually have a working missile I know they try to something like that in the blitz version but whoever plays Blitz LOL

  • MZa Rik

    А почему интерфейс в тундре на английском, а экипаж говорит на русском?

  • Beaver

    сложно объективно судить и там и там есть свои минусы ( и там и там их крайне много) но тундра более новая игра, у картохи было много лет в запасе для развития, тундра вышла качественнее за более короткий срок

  • T H I C C boi

    world of tanks: has tank destroyers in the game

  • Cultural Cat

    WoT best pay to win game!

  • 폰 에튜와르트게르드 오토 비스마르크

    I play both games, and personally I enjoy (didn't say it is better) playing WoT. But War Thunder is very nice when it's time to take some break from WoT. But for me, WT gets more tiring in shorter time to play. And WoT has more kind and comfortable players to play with. I dunno, just my opinion.

  • Blyat tam

    WoT=P2W or dieWT-F2P

  • gabriel samonte

    OH yes,You could say War thunder already won from the start.

  • ProGamer Ro

    World War 3 is brtter than BOTH OF THEM!!!

  • totskie 12345

    Why WT comments are so cringe and shit. some people want realism or arcadic style if you dont understand stop commenting and stuff shit your basically retarded

  • Bloodwishing

    both games pay to fking win

  • János Csizmadia

    WT is better than WOT.

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