World of Tanks SU-5 World of Tanks SU-5 is tier 4 Soviet SPG and game by ChrisTankerOus.

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World of Tanks map Mines

ProTanki mod pack (top right corner - skip add)

The vehicle was developed at the beginning of the 1930s by the Design Bureau of the Kirov Experimental Machine Building Plant No. 185 (Leningrad). The project based on the T-26 light tank was designed for supporting mechanized units. Three prototypes with 76, 122, and 152 mm guns were produced. The variant with the 122 mm gun saw mass production. A total of 30 vehicles were supplied to the army. The project was discontinued in 1937.

It can be considered as the worst of the whole USSR branch if in the hand of a low-skilled player, but it is actually much better than its predecessor SU-26 due to its 3rd weapon upgrades, the 152mm mortar NM mod. 1931, a lethal weapon conbining huge alpha damage with incredible penetration value and explosion radius, as well as a ridiculously high vertical shell arc, best of all tier IV SPGs, even better than many tier V ones. However, the 152mm mortar has two significant disadvantage: very short range and low ammo count. Stock, it starts with the underpowered 76mm Howitzer. Prior to 8.6, you could have spent the effort to get the 122mm howitzer with the SU-26 and thus, can start with that. Considering that the 122mm was removed from the SU-26, however, this would perhaps make the grind somewhat more difficult. Some players even prefer the 122mm howitzer to the 152mm mortar, because of its higher ammo count, and also it's increased rate of fire.

The SU-5 leads to the SU-122A.

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  • Jacob Stallcup

    I love it he was very good and I love the gun sounds

  • ZoM_ 2014

    Oooo he got the ultra rare medal. the one where u kill the last enemy with your very last shell.

  • Fire Monkey

    SOme guy just born lucky

  • Random Potato Tv

    this tank rocks the range is op

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