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BEST Magic Show in the world 2016 Genius Rubik's Cube Magician America's Got Talent 2016
  • Deepak Bhandari

    am sure simon invited him over to learn those wicked tricks lol

  • Chevy LS3

    Not the best magic show in the world, quite boring.

  • eb060801

    What happens in the paper bag, stays in the paper bag.

  • itskat Idk

    Socks Rossi walks by the camera at the wrong time lol

  • Adam Ozdo

    он спрятал в каждые куб по куску карт это же элементарно

  • SHamir Khan

    Are they guys even for real?

  • Gill Harshgill

    He just missdirect our intentions with first trick and second one is not a trick he just memories the move Simons make not a big deal life is boring when u r smart


    Самособирающийся кубик рубика https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LO56zMZrxTY

  • Dan The Man

    Pay close attention to what he actually shows you and you will see that nothing changes.  He shows it scrambled, but solves it in his hands showing 3 scrambled sides but the 3 hidden sides are solved.  Then he just turns it over showing the 3 solved sides, then scrambles it before you get a chance to see the other 3 sides.Likewise, he doesn't tear the card's corner off.  He doesn't show the whole card.  The corner was already torn off and put inside the cube piece.  He just covers the card with his hand and pulls and twists the edge of the missing corner as if he is tearing off a corner.

  • Your Sticky Sock

    "Very good" 1:02 (fuck you)

  • ProNoob

    This is all cut when he throws the rubiks cub and it comes back they just had two different scenes, these [name of country] got talent can control these things, you can even see this example if you go to 3:20 and just constantly pause and Unpause or slow it down it just disappears into thin air, nothing touches it, it's impossible, an other example of this was another person came on and did magic he made coins seem to dissappear by hovering his hand over it (this evidence is from another youtubers work not mine, he debunked everything), this very same person is known as a computer magician were he makes his so called "magic" with computer generated objects

  • Quzairieasran 230900

    Simon was like "What's going on?"

  • T T

    Это не магия а просто фокус... отписка и дизлайк(

  • Vinny Raptor

    Simon's face everytime is the best

  • Fernando Valles

    I have no idea (except for q trick cube) how he did the first one but the second one was just straight crazy memory

  • Murzik

    Может само видео фэйк? Сейчас же умеют снимать со спецэффектами!

  • Denis Martynov

    шоу дэвида коперфильда

  • AJ Lynch

    i kinda feel like this is just a memorization technique after watching him turn it from all solids....  if the cube was originally mixed up and changed   I feel like it would be totally different

  • Ric Ferr

    He's a Reptilian from planet Kkorhon first left after Alpha Centaury right after the roundabout to Magdu 2 constellation.


    В 1 фокусе в каждом кубике была каждая цифра каждой масти и можно это запомнить.

  • MosLaN Asdasovich

    как на это можно повестись

  • Ray Cage

    Well I found free $2346a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?ukERn Great work...

  • rain abasolo

    where are the english comments?

  • Mirius Achraf

    easy trick , he copies the judges mixing using his sharingan

  • Lonskey

    I forgot my name!!!!!!

  • camilo fernandes

    hahaha ... we indians (hindustani, bharati janta) can do better magic without such an obvious collection of massive hired and paid for actors in the audience ... and it's called ... yeah .... its called ... "we got no talent... just brains" ... hahaha

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