Update Review: World of Tanks 1.0 The game update 1.0 will roll out on the EU server tomorrow! Get ready for the new HD graphics, the new music, the new garage and of course the new map: Glacier!

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  • AwesomeDesertTrains

    Pc can run it but my hard drive is slow I need to get an ssd for it

  • rafi ibnul

    Haven't got any match in Kharkov or Stalingrad. Maps are only stuck between fjords erlenberg redshire and 3 others

  • Hunter Beltran

    request sacred nonprofit ggavwg dilemma outer attempt approach regarding scholarship fall preparation.

  • mp_Daggar

    For April fools I hope they include a game mode where all three games are in one lobby.

  • fdx

    All these people here are just whining. BE THANKFUL for what you got for free. This Update has brought so much visual pleasure and a lot more players to the game. I myself started with this Update and so did many of my f friends.

  • deejayantz

    If you want them to change anything stop playing this game. Asking them to fix the matchmaking and premium ammo won't do anything. They thrive on this, frustrating people into paying. Even if premium ammo can be bought with in-game currency, you can eventually run out of it when there is no skill-based matchmaking and you are matched with +2 tiers. This is their business model and it won't change while they still have customers, paying or non-paying ones.

  • Thunderous Avenger

    Now I can no longer play world of tanks thanks wargaming.... I can't afford a new computer or anything in that way.... I've enjoyed my last days of playing this game before the update came. But the update seems promising so great work for doing that.

  • Rodder

    I don't really care what others say. So far the 1.0 is just great. The graphics are awesome, matchmaking (in my games) seems to get better. I don't even know if you guys made any changes to it, I just get better teams since 1.0The whole game just feels more energetic, more alive. It's not just a game where tanks shoot each other and then yell in the chat, it's fcking enjoyable and pretty as hell. It looks great and works great.The only downside I feel is the loading time. Could be the textures or something, on a High/ultra custom setup the loading takes 15-20 seconds and sometimes (rarely) it gets a huge laggspike in the middle of the game.So loading has to improve. Otherwise, 10/10 for everything

  • level 3 gay

    if only war thunder had this type of advertising

  • dsz

    New music suxxx.... Some tracks are like the Game of Thrones theme, others like some Disney movies and some russian folkmusic. It is bad. The old tracks were more original. It felt like WW2 :D

  • _Electr1 _

    The Maps are Good but the balancing and mm ist soooooo Bad


    me gusto la actualizacion pero deberian pensar en la gente que no tiene la situacion economica como para comprarse un pc bueno o estándar, como yo que tengo que jugar con las cosas casi al mínimo #aguante clase media:'v

  • chrisangelo maderal

    i got a question when will it be release on the southeast Asian server

  • Theodoros Kamoulakos

    No mater the update...reporting BOT players doesn't work..Every 2 games there is 1 bot player..sucks.Feels like i m the only one reporting them..rest of the team doesn't seem to care.

  • Theodore Moxie

    feel like need 9.22 engine back

  • John Rokam

    so bad +-25% "RNG" makes the game unplayable

  • TYwelovegames BLITZ

    pls do this on mobile too I beg u

  • Jesper

    the minimum settings are changed, cant play it anymore.!!!!!!

  • korpakukac

    Been away from WoT for about a year getting tired of the neverending goldammo spam, lack of new, interesting maps, WG just removing old maps without adding new ones and constantly deteriorating current maps by making them flatter and flatter, removing bushes everywhere, WG selling OP P2W premium tanks and the removal of fun mountain goating spots. I wonder if these issues have been fixed yet.Has goldammo been addressed yet? Have new, good maps been added in the past year?Is WG still money grabbing with P2W OP premium tanks?Are all mountain goating spots blocked by dumb invisible walls?

  • Keith Rose

    Great update . Very well done !

  • SwordBreaker925

    Never played this game before.... that's about to change

  • Mbtstan

    well done. it is awesome. well that the tanks also change what kind of playing field it is. really good

  • Matei Wizard

    Will Wargaming bring more updates to the Xbox 360 version as well?

  • Moltas


  • László Szőts

    And what about the new tier 1-3 machmaking? And Mittengrad why get deleted?

  • Tressa, Seigneur des Runes

    After the 1.0 update, the game always crash at the begining and the end of a battle; it's unplayable !!!

  • Jacob

    Copying WoWS with the music which is great

  • Savage Lord

    Finally no one will drown again in erlenburg

  • 1461 67383563

    "You can play on the same pc" Bruh, i played medium settings on old graphics. now on medium graphics MY GAME DOESN'T EVEN START... Thanks wargaming :) Best optimization ever for potato pcs. And i have the minimum req.

  • World of Tanks Europe

    Did you know that the ice could crack on the new Glacier map?

  • F.M.F 69

    more enhanced tank physics and sound effects PLS!!

  • DJ elktro

    I want back the old hangar and the old not hd tiger :(

  • Nebi Namal

    Herşey çok güzel harika da kardeşim neden konsola hiçbirşey yok???

  • Carek

    Easier to play with vehicles with bad gun depression you say? Bias?

  • alex erny

    I don't know if I should shoot tanks, or look at the scenery.

  • Adriano The Only

    I would love to see improvements in some trivial yet obvious things, such as details in leaves, different variations of tree and how the texture and reflection of the bark on a tree changes in sniper mode, so you can see the smallest of breaks and cracks in them, this can also be done for rocks. I would also like to see the explosions after firing and being destroying to be a bit smoother, what i mean is the explosion actually igniting in the engine and seeing the ember through the ventilation just before the explosion (in a slow mo replay most notably) blows the tank up, and the explosion's dust and particles to fall slowly and dissipate rather than just disappear, and for the particles to fly further depending on their size and placement (although i'm sure that happens anyway) and for the ground to react with the falling object, i.e. making a crater and the rocks and dust around it to jump a little bit on impact., I would also love the fire from a gun to follow in physics. So when you fire you can see the heat dissipation in the air (like you do above a flame in real life above a candle, but ofcourse bigger and more violent), then dust or dirt in the barrel or gunpowder from the previous shot, shortly followed by the flare, and some smoke from the gun powder explosion that sent the shell flying. And for further effect steam off of the barrel after maybe going in water, or off of the engine location. And further little droplets of water to sit on the tank and drop off or evaporate. Ofcourse this is alot of small and difficult things, but in ultra graphic or a new graphics system for monster computers, this is more than doable. And i would LOVE to see these features implemented. Thank you for everything and good luck with further development! I have no doubt you'll manage to further awe us with your awesome ability!Much love love from Poland!

  • ThugSatan

    Umm I have a problem...i can play on the lowest possible settings with stable 30-40(rarely 50) fps just like so far but my display driver keeps crashing. Is that a hardware problem or can anything be done? :( I have very old computer with ancient hardware :(

  • BetteBalterZen

    Good update, but still looks like a stoneage game.

  • Theodoros Kamoulakos

    If a player put you in black list...you cant put him in your black list...GREAT job WG..

  • Daiki Cipolloni

    Does someone know when WOT 1.0 will be launched in the PlayStation 4 (pro)?

  • Black Swan

    with all the graphics and smoke screen in this video it looks so nice, but the game is so highly toxic in chat, and ill still drive my LOWE

  • MykolaZ

    Best game in the world 2018

  • Ealsonspite

    I bet everyone's for the first few weeks are just gonna drive around only and stare at the scenery. These new maps look absolutely stunning!

  • _Electr1 _

    30 Maps....I only know 5

  • Radu Lupu

    The update is great, but my only problem with it is that the loading times have increased with more than 30 seconds when entering a battle, and loading the garage afterwards also takes considerably longer. I also happen to hit invisible friendly tanks that get loaded later on. I assume it's my hdd, an old 2009 sata 2 model.

  • cmonn makeittwerk

    It's a lie. I run it again with minimum graphics possible and i have 20 fps, literally unplayable. So i had to give up on WoT. One less player here.

  • Levo GAMES

    Yes, I'm one of the guys to moan right after having received as treat.But I need to address it here and now:WG, you have a map problem. We need more and better (if possible, asymmetric) maps. Prokhorovka is the one that (in my opinion) deserves the most changes.

  • mwnciboo

    WoT Music?...Its been disabled on my machine since 2012.

  • Minengeschoß

    As a warning thunder player. I think wargaming knows balance more than gaijin

  • Theodore Moxie

    been getting game freezes and game crashes and when log back in can't in game chatIGN NA server: insanelosteskimo89

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