Ariana Grande - God is a woman God is a woman (Official Video)

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Video Director: Dave Meyers
Video Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Video Editor: Nick Gilberg

Body Painting by Alexa Meade

Madonna appears courtesy of Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. and Maverick Management/Guy Oseary.

Vocal Production and Engineering for Madonna by Lauren D’Elia.

Music video by Ariana Grande performing God is a woman. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • Sara Lopez

    me encanto es chebre

  • Mysterious Music

    Women is a GoldDiger 🤣

  • manoj mv

    1:31 me when my crush proposes another girl💥

  • Antonio Flores

    He has a dick, get over it lady 😁

  • Anara Javadova

    This is worse than make paul

  • Azucena Pérez

    his music disgusts me

  • Anara Javadova

    Jake Paul is better at singing by far

  • Park Julia

    I've become addicted to this song,it's not a lie

  • Rich Granziera

    This video is blasphemous why is this allowed

  • Melissa Garven

    1% about how cool the song is99% about 1:38

  • Beero Chan

    At the beginning ari looks like Aurelion Sol .. lel

  • A Google User

    This is inappropriate in so many ways. Oh wait, but it's "art"...

  • Alexa Silva

    I love you ariana 💓💓💓

  • يوسف محسن

    I love you but you are not god. God is allah :-)

  • Jermaine Nixon

    so just skip this trash and go to 1:38.??? NC that's all everybody talking bout

  • Mina Hasem

    May you burn in hell oh enemy of God. God´s curse upon Grande and the filth she believe in. She is just preparing earth for Antichrist. Death to the enemies of the almighty lord.

  • Tony Oscar Awalogi Kgivol

    God is a woman, eeee, i don't really think so, becuz God can be a really terrifying creature at the one you will not able to see as you want it to see, you'll just be blind, that's how terror begins...

  • Bella Sadiki

    Thats my Most favorite Video of you Tube

  • we are not alone

    Or she thinks she's God but she's not

  • Caitlin Draws

    1:38 when all your mcnuggets are eaten

  • popstar 15087

    If god was woman she wouldn’t have created periods.

  • Dilyana Nenkova

    Ariana Grande l love you.

  • Matias Garcia

    God is not a wheman is a transgender

  • Moneera Chowdhury

    0:15, See the bigger picture.

  • Zayah V

    Ari, if, if you are god, I swear to you, GOD, I will pick up religion today.

  • müslüm kılıç

    we come from Rojbin Kızıl :)

  • Melissa Garven

    The 347 k dislikes are the1:38

  • Silviu. h

    y love you Ariana Grande

  • Cora Flores

    Ariana grande manda en los corazones

  • Kate Oelayor

    come on. Ariana u are not that powerful to say Tat God is woman. I loved u until u came out with this song. Life is too short to be wasting time my dea..

  • Erna Gugic

    First time I listened to this song(that was like a month ago), and on the part where this animal, or whatever that is, screams, we had a lesson in a computer room, and I screamed beacuse I war scared and the teacher turned to me, after it, I went to the principal, got suspended for a week, and now is the teacher sitting next to me till winter break

  • samuel galassi

    Que blasfemia contra Deus!! Onde ja se viu falar que Deus e uma mulher!!! Aiai esse mundo ta Perdido mesmo.

  • Hala X

    If god was a woman, then shouldn't it be a goddess?

  • Martina Limoli

    What about the vulva shape at 0:14 and ari being the clitoris

  • Kevin Guirguis

    Ma che cagata stai zitta Arianna piccola

  • Guppy Male

    **15/10/2560Presidents around the world n people around the world,helpme please,stellites from Thailand small country South Korea,they rude abuseinsult tease cheat,act lie try to kill with call my nick name my name,stop mybrain my nerve my humen,by authority satellites money to take from usGuppyThey anvy of my beautiful face n body more then them n IQbrain of us with pills docter around the world,They did to me like slave to doevery thing bad n never care me,They care another person for make care them butme n I got do bad every day like all these I told you before **28/12/2560dad north korea,family no law idiot ortistic of thailandsmall country to have best authority,they call my first name to make peoplerude abuse insult tease cheat lies with for call my nick name kills bysatellites to people around thailand. every things is just the views,please help me,i can waituntill every things end n they out of my life with authority satellites n moneymakeing of them to do bad to me every day26/9/2561They want to be god as budda,they make own self birth belike budda become to world n suck money from people in Thailand become god evennot in law as satellites from people in Thailand n make law bad,they can’tfight with another country to have law protect n not confiscate satellites tocome to do bad to my life as them because of money n authority N today,22/3/2561,they destroy my brain kills leave bysatellites 5/4/2561 they try to close my facebook to can’t connectpeople another country n connect presidents another country help me byauthority satellites 7/5/2561dad north korea,help me please,i painful,my body fail nquake,by satellites of them with music i did it n them come to my life,lies actall n back may to me3/7/2561Mather north korea,help me too,please*22/7/2561It still be secreat south korea n Thailand with idiotortistic family no law from what they did every day too,I can’t do any thing,noone can’t helpแยกi don't know,what idid wrong,i just do music with own notebook,then they send bad smell to me,idon't know that they will on or not on youtube or cd,why bad smell come to me nevery one to help n all i told?south korea nthailand small country u so bad12/9/2561Arabian muslim around the world,don’t start to destroy musicfrom me to come to my notebook by satellites,I know I’m poor,u rich oil richmoney rich kill n die got rich from god,the eagypt faroah n cleopratra it’s end3,000 years ago,go back to find girls next wife 4 women n keep ur son n douther,I’mnot ur family,don’t come to do some thing bad bad abnormal anti11/10/2561papa,when i will cando?T.O.P it's back may on authority satellite n money to take from me allidea,it change parasit do,papa kim

  • Igor' Gurov

    Господь без пола он все и вся

  • Allykins17

    Am I the only one who thinks that THIS IS LITERALLY BLASPHEMY?

  • we are not alone

    This song with the video definently just seems blasphemous to me

  • Omer Meli

    Subscribe My Channel ❤️🙌

  • Jaimito Gomez

    Pete when ari left his ass 1:38

  • Aashish hemanth

    How to get more likes Just comment something bout 1:37 N thn there u go!!

  • shreee Dyke

    Now i have realised what this song is actually about :'3

  • Ayesha

    1:38 when u realize all comments r about 1:38 & ariana fingering earth👀😂🤠

  • Aaliyah Osman

    How do you no god is a woman

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