Ariana Grande - God is a woman God is a woman (Official Video)

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Video Director: Dave Meyers
Video Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Video Editor: Nick Gilberg

Body Painting by Alexa Meade

Madonna appears courtesy of Live Nation Worldwide, Inc. and Maverick Management/Guy Oseary.

Vocal Production and Engineering for Madonna by Lauren D’Elia.

Music video by Ariana Grande performing God is a woman. © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
  • maryse orsinet

    1:38 when I'm the first to listen to Ariana's new song

  • The ChaoticGamer

    Omfg omfg omfg I fucking died. I started watching this and couldn't stop thinking 'wtf' and not in a good way but then it gets too 1:38 and I just.... Omfg

  • Sean Canning

    Wish you Would Save me ariana. Haha I love the clip of your dog haha.. Hope I can ask god how she feels about me. I'm sorry.

  • Mei Alexander

    Love that screech at 1:39

  • Xx_thunder_xX

    When you were sitting on the earth I was like "YOUR GONNA DESTROY EARTH YOU BIT**"

  • Cynthia Barela

    She's fuken stupid doing this video

  • Jimena Cano

    How the fuck do you know if god is a god????????? Have you seen god?????

  • Stay whit you

    ggod is a women and she s the sister of mother earth. we are killing her

  • noval rayudha

    this music video deserve more views , her best visual music video yet👏👏👏😭😭😭

  • Lnkii :p

    1:38 when your alarm goes off in the morning

  • # Str

    Listen to my new song. I hope you like it

  • Jannate Park

    God is not a women! 😇🙏👼❌💅👑💍👠👩🚺🚫🚫🚫

  • Queen Lolly

    Producer: what would you likeAir: umm.. screaming animals yeah but they have to come out of ground

  • stubborn boi

    3:20 Top 10 reasons feminism has gone to far

  • Gas Mask Collector Review

    Crusader: aahhh NANIPulls out swordCrusader: no nobis domineCrusader: DEUS VULT

  • Jose Pedro

    100% Just trying to get like hauahahahah

  • msxIcrus 29

    OMG they have scene patrick leg from spongebob ! Im screammmmm

  • Mister Smart

    Y'all know she's just trying to lead y'all to hell right God isn't a woman what bullshit is that

  • Abigail Kupka

    1:38=me when I think it’s Friday but it’s MondayMy friends:the ground hogs or what ever those are behind the one in front

  • andrei cerdeña

    god is awoman is deserves more awards

  • Karla Ketemepi

    On 1:22 you can see that her braid is fake

  • Alexander Ivanov

    1:16 - earth mastrubation?

  • Madhavanaidu Dharmana

    You sold your soul to 😈 rightIt's occult symbols are so horrificMy God!now you're going to hell

  • LiftinHeavyIzWhatIdo

    The funny thing about this video;It's conditioning people that are asleep and brainwashed that the incoming Antichrist, aka the abomination of desolation, is coming as a woman, because the Antichrist tries to exalt themselves over god. Abomination in the Bible refers to a man wearing women's garments or a woman wearing clothing pertaining to a man. In other words, a crossdresser or tranny. Bible refers to the Antichrist as a he, but what it's ultimately referring to is a he/she, a man dressed as a woman2:17 inside the Triangle, aka all seeing eye illuminati Triangle, aka Satanic symbolismThen at 2:47 the hammer flying up and shattering the dome glass above.. aka the firmament over the earth as it rolls up and the Lord Jesus Christ comes down. This is all blasphemy against God.Curious on who this might be? Say "Abomination" 10x fast and see if a name jumps out at you

  • bitch ass

    Idk why but this always makes me happy when i watch this...😋😘

  • Deevah Punia

    1:38 When u get homework

  • iitrvpmxmi

    You know damn well god is not a woman

  • LivingforChrist

    Ariana Grande's Deal With The Devil

  • derexXD

    1:38 when u see new ariana's song

  • Kosse Lamm

    0:43 She demonstrates how a Goddess react to haters. Bulletproof from them haters. By the way, im an equalist and believe both female and male are Godesses / Gods

  • ian 08

    Mano, que música é essa? Todas mensagens... My womam God

  • BaronAJ

    This song is Artemis's theme lmao

  • yzabél

    i searched for 'ariana fingers the earth' and this is the result lmao

  • Jinx Solaei

    2:51 me when I finally master Photoshop

  • Barsh Ko

    This clip makes a whole lotta sense if you know the story of the 36 archons namely the last archon Sophia and Gnostics!

  • Franco De Blanco


  • x Ryan

    Did she just finger a hurricane? 😳

  • zoé liaume

    1:38 When your ex want to come back 😂( les français ? 🇫🇷)

  • Jackie DeLeau

    A Ar Ari Aria Arian Ariana Ariana G Ariana Gr Ariana Gra Ariana Grand Ariana Grande

  • ıɹɐ ǝʞıl ʇǝǝʍs

    If this gets taken down I'm going to go rAgE this is her best music vid

  • Martim Miranda

    1:38 when your mom discover’s your Twitter


    PLEASE LIKE IF YOU WANT “god is a woman” to STAY❤️💋

  • Sunita Sharma

    1:38 when your crush ask you your number,1:38 when you see a cockroach 😂

  • Zain 's

    1:38 me trying Ariana's notes.

  • christ our savior

    0:39 when you think it's Friday but it's actually monday

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