Armored Warfare: Премиум танки. Winrate и другое... [MAD PRO]

Armored Warfare: Премиум танки. Winrate и другое... [MAD PRO]

Видео о том, какие танки нагибают в этой игре.
Информация взята из статьи с евро сервера, где дана статистика по танкам.

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One of the most commonly asked questions concerns the balance of vehicles and whether some classes and specific tanks or AFV’s are overperforming or underperforming and whether the winrate of these vehicles differs from server to server. Let’s have a look at some of the examples from the Russian, European and North American servers. The Russian server examples go first – these are the results from the week before the 0.11 introduction:
BMD-4 – 50.2 percent winrate, makes 106.64 percent of average reputation for its tier
BMPT – 51.37 percent winrate, makes 103.85 percent of average reputation for its tier
Object 430 – 54.94 percent winrate, makes 140.50 percent of average reputation for its tier
M2 Bradley – 48.59 percent winrate, makes 99.16 percent of average reputation for its tier
C1 Ariete – 46.14 percent winrate, makes 89.61 percent of average reputation for its tier
Challenger 1 – 48.04 percent winrate, makes 91.70 percent of average reputation for its tier
As you can see, the Ariete and the Challenger were underperforming and the buff to their characteristics was warranted. If the vehicle statistics are split by nations, average winrate of all the Russian vehicles in the game is 50.24 percent, of all the American vehicles is 50.09 percent and of all the European ones is 49,67 percent (some of the worst-performing vehicles such as the Ariete are European).
On the other hand, the Wiesel is performing rather well (too well in fact) – its winrate on the Russian server is 54.43 percent, on the European server it’s 52.47 percent and on the American server it’s 52.46 percent. Based on our investigations, the reason for such high numbers is the increase of its viewrange from certain retrofits, commander skills and its own modules, which is too high for its tier (interestingly enough, European players do not put as much emphasis on upgrading viewrange).
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