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American And Britain's Best Magician Ever ! Best Of Got Talent Magic Performances

1. Can Jamie Raven ace the final Grand Final Britain's Got Talent 2015

2. Mat Franco AGT Season 9 Winner Makes a Magical Return - America’s Got Talent 2015

3. Magician Chloé has a present for Simon

4. Stevie Pink master illusionist takes to the stage Week 6 Auditions Britain's Got Talent 2013

5. Mike Super Illusionist Magically Appears - America's Got Talent 2014

6. Jamie Raven's incredible magic moment Semi-Final 3 Britain's Got Talent 2015


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ГОЛОС лучшие выступления за всю историю!Судьи в шоке от Голоса!
The voice best auditions ever!!!YOU MUST TO SEE!!!
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  • Fendy Mael

    Yuk yuk tak tun durian

  • O Akbaroff

    Helicopter was there but blocked with black curtain if you take a close look, you'd see the curtain hanging on there. The magician took his shoe off and had an extra shoe behind.

  • Pavel Nikopolas

    Телепортация как видим существует и предметов и людей, а также левитация.

  • Shahrukh Khan

    I have been part of this show in the U.S and its all planned. Honestly!

  • The Gaming Nerd

    How the hell was the last one magic they could have just rolled the helicopter on stage

  • Pokhara Nepal

    Nice video.Grow channel clik hare. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZn6bd0gnm6l9SH1ZcBjLA?app=desktop

  • Danielle Sheehan

    it's above the dimond and if faint

  • Adnan Zaib

    Stop Indian army killing children and targeted pallet gunShame india free Kashmir

  • Adnan Zaib

    Free Kashmir India is terrorist state in worldFree life free Kashmir

  • Saad Ali

    Its just shit done with the help of judges just to make money

  • DDDYify

    карточные не интересны.устаревший вид

  • Maryann Dicesari

    The first guy was AMAZING

  • Askar Serikbayev

    Что тут говорить... великие наебшики! Один с бумажными матрешечными бутылками вина, другой засунул бумажку в отверстие лимона, баба с байком и мужик перемещяются с помощю близнеца, насчет последнего номера вообще можно не говорить!😁

  • Fawad Ali

    That's simple. Those words are not random.

  • andrei lucacel

    The last one its all fake

  • Kevin Baker

    Why did he do the cut it out sign with his hand on the first vid

  • Dark Souls1

    These are so fake it’s laughable

  • dado lado

    Any one know what is the name ofmusic of first act

  • Ryan Cajigan

    9:30 they judjes jus made their biggest mistakes

  • ka. 472

    what's the name of the soundtrack that plays in the background? (last audition)!

  • Robert L

    It's all staged, how gullible are are you?!

  • Anirudh S

    why do these guys who do card tricks always drop a card is it a backup trick

  • Shakeela Akhter


  • Nisa Sunar

    I love this show thanku for entarment for public

  • Chelsea Sioson

    at 15:39 you can see his shoe was off already

  • Captain Derp Sparrow

    9:03 zup huzabub dazaba saba heuheuheu 😄😁😌😶🤔😑😒😒😒

  • Olaoly

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  • Danielle Sheehan

    look at 12:36 if he got a triangle then why is there another triangle in the bag

  • Jaime Martinho Official

    what the name music song.

  • Shahrukh Khan

    Why was there darkness behind in the last act ? It was total black out behind in the first act THE WHOLE TIME because there already was a helicopter.

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