World of Tanks - T-54 First Prototype Review Video A review of the new RU prem in patch 9.7

What do you think?
  • Pedro92371

    If this tank goes on sale as part of the NA Xmas Advent Calendar I am debating picking it up

  • Bags

    I got it, and absolutely love... it became my premium cash cow with the rudy at tier 6

  • tronicson

    The Pocket-Heavy review.. :)very informative - thanks - greetz from EU server o/

  • cyridu59

    ty for this review ! I think that i will buy it ;p

  • Tony B46qqq

    who is the commentator in this video

  • Pengy Win95

    by the looks of the frontal plate, i think it's about some where between 200-220. I am totally getting the t 54 mod 1. IT's only $40 in the gift shop.

  • Tom Dirix

    This tank has only 6% gun depression. It's gun despression is only good compared to the Asian tanks and the 430 line.On a different note, I bought this tank as my first T8 medium and am absolutely loving it.

  • John Thompson

    Great job - i think the "fun to play or not" factor is a cogent point that many reviewers often leave out.

  • Elite Projects

    So I'm deciding between the T 54 first prot or the SU-122-44 I know they're different types of tanks but these are the two I'm thinking of and no other. What would be more worth it, especially money making wise?

  • Xeffx

    Does it have more frontal armor than the T-44? If so... how much??

  • 7bigal

    Looks good, but I'm holding off spending any more cash until they fix the arty problem (reference your other video!)

  • wewdome

    Anfield, I think u r noob and u also sound a bit gay

  • William Phillips

    You totally nailed it. I find that a lot of people try to shoot me in the hull while I'm angling hardcore because they think my turret is really hard, and they end up bouncing.

  • Hızır Konuralp

    what a noob player omfg

  • GamingReinvented

    I loved this review man, thanks for keeping it informative, helpful, and slightly opinionated as well. I need to start watching your stream more lol. We met the other day in that pubbie match, you were in your patton and you showed up a t69 I believe.Keep it up.DA_RCM

  • Drummercommander

    Should I buy the T54 1st prot or the T26 SuperP? Please tell me which one and why. I play both the lines and I'm a decent to good player. I've got enough gold to purchase both of them, but that would be overkill IMO.


    Well yes to answer your question, this did sell it to me, after seeing all your vids on it, so yea, when it does come out, i will be getting one. been needing a proper Russian crew trainer anyways.

  • eckmann44

    This Tank or the T34-3 for a below average player looking to improve ?

  • Paul T.

    Outstanding review.  You covered all the important points, and coming from you, playability is a key factor.  Thanks for your efforts.

  • Benjamin Awrey

    Thanks this really helped me choose a good credit earning prem that's fun to play considering I have always wanted a 59.

  • tettit tott

    I think im gona get this tank for money maker + I like it looks.

  • Kwakks

    Really good review Anfield

  • Dick Fappsallot

    this will be the tank I seal club with at tier 8 on xbox considering 90 percent of the players on there have an extra chromosome

  • Jeffrey Cooper

    Agree very fun to play and it's a riot on the battlefield. Good review man!

  • Richman

    Ty for differing to other Unicums Anfield :)

  • keepit0nwax

    my body is ready ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Rubi Doo

    Great review Anfeels :)Going to buy one based on this review and your play of it on your stream.Sub <ScoobsTank>

  • Alex Yott

    Great vid, way to showcase what the tank can and cant do, this def made my my mind up on getting one. And with the pen.....175 will do, i play my t-34-3 all the time which has TERRIBLE gun handling, and i make it work. So this will be no problem

  • Bud Kehler

    I'm not a great player (775 WN8). I've had a lot of fun in this tank. In 18 matches I have a 1600 WN8. I bounce a lot of shots and do decent damage. I've only watched one bad review of this tank so far. It's fun to see someone who knows what they're doing playing it.

  • Anthony

    Hey hey Anfield....Wheelz from twitch here :) Nice job on the review. Have heard a lot of good things about this tank, with a few negs from those who I am guessing don't know how to use it right. Having been one of those few ppl who actually loved my T-44, I think your review has pretty much sold me on getting this T-54 first proto. About the only thing I don't have is a good USSR med to train crews. Well, we do now :P Aside from what I consider to be it's only neg, the lack luster pen of the gun, it really looks like a solid, credit/crew grinder. Time to make a pit stop at the gift shop.Thanks for the review bud. GJ. Much appreciated. See ya in-game or on twitch. Roll out. :)

  • George Hypotenuse and the Triangles

    I already bought the CDC and the Panther 8.8. I resisted buying the T-54 1 for two reasons:1. I prefer buying tanks in-game then in the gift shop and it isn't in the game yet.2. The penetration sucks, and although I do like the T26E4 it at least has preferred MM, which this doesn't have.I do just love both the CDC and the Panther 8.8. The Panther 8.8 fits my play style better though, because it has the armor to bounce lights and it has a better gun imo. Would anyone recommend the T-54 mod. 1 to me, a heavy tank player, that is bored by the slow heavies and wants some maneuverable meds to have fun with?

  • raul yanez cortes

    hahahahah !!! yah right my fucking t54 mod 1 gets ammo racked 9 out of 10 battles, all the fucking time. And 60% of the battles are tier X, 30% tier 9 and 10% tier 8. The tank is good, it's just that mm fucks it up, needs pref. mm to be effective.

  • Alexander Gradev

    So if you have to lever fun factor, earning capacity, and ease of play would you get T54 1 mod or IS-6?

  • Mayt

    you play like a noob, you have so much luck you missing dinging OMG that game...(first game)

  • Vaag

    Thanks for this review :)

  • Carlos Valenzuela

    Mr Anfield are you the same Mr Anfield of Wotlab?

  • Jacky Jin

    Type 59 is better than this tank, 175 mm pen is  bad. if you in tier 9 or 10 ,you will like shit.

  • prolix.

    Really enjoyed this review. Review the 260 in detail next? :)

  • Aint_no_ Saint

    Good review Anfield. I like your Pros & Cons approach to it. I was planning to get it anyway. But this confirmed. Thanks!

  • SubwingOTR

    Do you think it's more worth getting this over the new AMX 13 57?

  • Calabi-Yau Manifold

    It seems like you never played tanks with bad gun handling, I was like oh this idiot, when you missed half your shots in the first game.

  • RONITuned

    T-54 1st. Prot. or AMX CDC? I don't like this shitty gun, but more survivability in t54 prot...

  • knob jockey

    great review mate convinced me too by it. already got the super pershing  which I think is a good premium, its a medium that plays like a heavy I think anyways keep up the good work p s shame about the 9 kills and a loss.

  • Sears Raiden

    this tank would be just like another type 59 if it gets pref MM, and I think this tank is as close as its gonna get in a t8 match as a type 59 can dobut still I prefer type 59 because type 59

  • Zesty

    "Regular t8s better than premium"Panther 8,8 > Panther IIwat

  • IECStang

    just got this tank and i played my first game in it and i love it!  its armor is awesome!

  • Reini Mann

    Der größte Scheiß Tank den es gibt ,nichts aber auch ganichts was,oder wie WOT den Anpreist ist wahr. Keine Penetration, jeder kleine TierVI schießt von vorne durch ! Angriffspanzer das ich nicht lache ,viel Geld fürn Haufen Schrott sonst nix . Snipern geht schon mal ganicht ,und angriff auch nicht ,was will man mit so einem Haufen Müll ? Alles Fette WOT VERARSCHE sonst nix

  • CactuskingGaming

    Playing this tank is a lot like playing a smaller stock T-54 with an inaccurate gun, but it still can meet tier 6s and that makes it so much fun, that and the fact that I'm used to the low penetration value even if it is maddening sometimes from playing through the Russian mediums

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