ШОК ! Судьи совершили ОШИБКУ! Потом пожалели что нажали НЕТ! Лучшие выступления! Celebrities join street performers for surprise DUET - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJOctZppIWo

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Biggest Mistakes Made by the Judges EVER - COMPILATION!!!

ШОК ! Судьи совершили ОШИБКУ! Потом пожалели что нажали НЕТ! Лучшие выступления!

The voice best auditions ever!!!YOU MUST TO SEE!!!
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  • clash with legend Syed

    I can't understand the third song but her voice was mind blowing

  • Ichi Geyms

    Можно музыку из 0:50

  • Kur'er 3

    Эта сучка в жюри подбила всех кнопки нажать. А эти ослы своего мнения не имеют, повелись на нее.

  • Shashikumar A

    judges should be long suffering

  • lene Legaspi

    6:30 I saw that girl in a thumbnail of cheating contestant

  • Innocent Matongo

    Those judges need to get their lifes right Foolish

  • jitendra rawat

    Jo last wale Judge the sub se bekaar the. kitni clear voice hai is pyari si ladki ki MC judge kah raha music ke karan mujhe tumhari ashli voice ka ptta ni chla MC 1 no ka chutiye judge last one.

  • Bryan Dain Mantilla

    Anu kaya nang yari kay Aida

  • Nairah Khan

    0:53 look at Simmons face 😂😂😂😂

  • jason cunningham

    Aida is so damn adorable 😍😍 am I the only one who thinks this? I swear she looks and sounds angelic ❤️

  • Best Moments EVER

    Celebrities join street performers for surprise DUET - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJOctZppIWo

  • crushedtunes

    9:01 is that the little hermione granger?

  • PrototypeAbtin

    Simon was right for the first oneAbsolute noYou come there to show your talent not messing around with easy moves

  • Malachy Power-Lydon

    The first one has me shooketh

  • Rj Oro

    The 3rd act was amazing. Now i know how an angel sounds like

  • Kotik Stepanenko

    Это разве выступление посмотрите украинский икс фактор вот там круто выступают

  • Leah Danilowicz

    :-| I laughed at some sorry

  • joan Ralte

    The painter is not luckyIm sorry with herThe judges are too you know

  • Mikasa Hudson

    The girl who draw didn't deserve this kind of audition ..she deserves more than this..she's very talented.


    The singer was great 🔋

  • kontoculai

    8:05 I see,the cruel judge type

  • Theresa Crazyypotato

    I was crying(angry) when all the judges just judge that girl that draw that beautiful drawing without even letting her finish , but in the end they were shooock and I was laughing so hard and screaming "in yah face judges!!!" 😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • tagla barry

    🤔🤔 number 1. BIGGEST MISTAKE was wrong decision 2009 winner🤔

  • Channel Channel

    6:38 Небо стонёт, а у нас пееездааааа😸😸😸😸😸

  • Egor Chernyy

    Вывод прост и туп: не делайте поспешных вывов

  • Incredible india

    Mujhe to laga tha saare pagal judges sirf India aur pakistan me hi hai 😂😂😂

  • Aiden865

    Did the second person get out?If so I'm never going to Paris..

  • marzooqa s

    The song omg I can't understand it but her voice is awesome

  • no no name

    In 2 one judges were really annoying

  • J Dogg

    A guy dancing like a girl is not considered awkward these days. The end is near.

  • PositiveBull

    Add a public comment...Read more

  • Maxeyn Laurente

    The last lady, wow! But may I know who's that judge that is wearing eye glass? Pls

  • lucy Lerato

    This judges are too forward, can't they be patient

  • cjv 1622

    Damn the guy has guts did the splits WITH heals on he’s a brave man

  • #NatureLover saul

    Judges should have apologised to Aida

  • Sasha Makarov

    Что за дичь кто русский

  • shéikh jâhâñ

    God damn that was just crazy👏👏👏👏

  • COLL bro

    Sometimes judge's is stupid than the performers..

  • Denni Akkerman

    Aida was really amazing, I love her and this voice. And song is very beautiful like specially for her!☆♡From Russia with love♡☆

  • Xelitaz1

    I feel sorry for any contestant who had to follow that 3rd girl. Aida

  • Arthuria Pendragon

    I saw Arya Stark at 10:19

  • Leah Danilowicz

    But I can't walk in high heels or I'm on the GROUND!

  • Rqge PvP

    I think that first guy just ruptured his balls

  • Eldor Uralov

    9:10 этот голос вообще шикарный

  • miltenariy

    Эм... почему он был в каблуках? первый участник?

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