The Magic Academy Ep 1 S1 "The birth of the Demon Princess" So on this episode they didn't go to the dorm school but on the next episode they did went to the school for now this demon princess and yes her name is Dominca and yeah in 7 years they became 16 years old and then her mother needed to move them away for 10 years because she couldn't have enough money to buy a big house she was working very hard but she got fired then she got new job but this new job didn't really get her that much more money as usual so she tried to move then away for 10 years until she can get them a bigger house but until they can see each other again but eventually she'll become homeless so the mother had no choice except to move her duaghters away for good, I hope you enjoyed the episode so see you on the next bye!
  • HoI iM TemMiE

    Did you steal the name Demonica? Because there is a youtuber called Demonica playz

  • Olivia Sarateanu

    3:33 My Father 🤪😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • wolf pack

    3:42 My name is Dominic with out the a at the end

  • simply käyy

    12:25 it became birdbox

  • ElectricPikachu Studios

    Love The Intro Music

  • Shy Sana

    Shouldn't Dominica be the bad one? Wellllll.... demons aren't that bad😉

  • Noah Armstrong

    When her own sis got dragged she was too busy with donuts!

  • Just a looser

    3:31 "My farther"

  • Destroyer of Worlds

    No offence but... Who the F#CK names their child Sparkle!!??

  • gacha dark galaxy wolf!

    3:32 oh my farther o m farther that really maked me laugh hehehe.....

  • Midnight Wolf

    "Btw I'm the king of hell" ya know just a minor detail😈😂😂

  • The Fan Theorists

    Where is Harry Potter?

  • yandere yandere

    i think dominca is an angel and the bullys are supposed to be the demons!!!!!!!

  • Frisk Dreemurr

    Roses are redViolets are not blueI liked my own commentBecause nobody will doYou are still here?Pls like or reply I would appreciate it

  • GamerGal 2.0

    Casually “btw I’m the king of hell”

  • brennalenania

    Sparkle sounds like a stripper name I-



  • GamingGalaxy

    3:32 Farther Fart HER rlly

  • Fhagatron The 1st


  • Ashlynne Birdy33

    This is like unordinary

  • Tena Garber

    First my name is Tina but spelled diff second I have red hair like her and I'm not mean I am a KAWAII POTATO

  • midnight wolf

    Wait she doesnt mine the other child leaving that is not good parenting

  • Puppy Gaming 759

    i love your videos keep making more keep up the good work!

  • Staci Blalock

    Make a part 2 now now nkw I love the part won pls add part two!

  • KBernal123

    Screw the mom she shows no love to sparkle what so ever

  • doi ibarola

    Nicalus has a sharingan!! :O

  • Horatio Murray

    Couldn't she have just cut the hair

  • ThegreenCat And Cynder

    My name are on this vidieo. =(

  • Mark Scille

    How does he already know its a she :/

  • Alexandra Pérez11

    If u love someone why would u kick them out??!

  • Leia Pearson

    How can she see with that blind fold and the person that im talking about is demonic

  • Kings peeps

    bruh he no leave. she kick him out like whu tf Is she sad like bruh 😐

  • Enyka Tiam

    Is that ur phone that she's using in that airport? ...

  • Destiny Kelley

    CAN I ASK U SOMTHIN?????????!?!?!?!??!!!!! wuts a farter

  • Naved Qureshi

    And we became a happy family without my farther

  • vay shoe

    i can't watch it yo breath is disgusting just like you

  • Tabea Game´s

    Was she playing minecraft? She would be: GET THE FU** OUT OF MY ROOM IM PLAYING MINCRAFT!!!!!!!

  • Thiara Givens

    Lol bird box scene when she puts blind fold on to cover her eyes

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