Eminem - A** Like That Music video by Eminem performing A** Like That. (C) 2005 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records
  • Aditya Pundir

    Nobody safe from em even himself

  • Joel Smith

    You kiss 50 cent with that mouth 😂😂😂

  • matthew mann

    Appreciate the Middle Eastern Vibing of this track

  • Ultra Madness

    Why did I got a tyga ad?🤔

  • FreestylinScoot Man

    20181%nudity99%clean rap

  • superdude344

    OMG the damn dog was the same one in Texas during the election harassing Beto/Cruz

  • Angelina Conti

    Wait is "pee-pee", and "dinky" now officially a swear word? Where TF does this censoring end?

  • Dm kr

    Эээ пидорасик чей минус,кто тебе его делал детдомовский?

  • amir gonzelas

    En la primera parte cuando el perro está de tras de la chicas dice es la vida XD se que no es eso pero se escucha así jajaja

  • Notting Ham

    😘 I know every fn word.. that's bad

  • Ramokone Mildred

    my friend and i love this song AF

  • Vika Stupalova

    Эмя!!! Фу! Кака! Брось!!

  • Eduardo Rivera

    Encerio están sustituyendo el trap por esta joyas? Old school!💀

  • Hadis Mešić

    Buba correli ahahahahahah

  • Vika Stupalova

    Снуп Дог? Ты ли это?

  • a a


  • Sam Yelts

    Love that low bass bump

  • Artesion

    Is that Triumph the Insult Comic Dog?


    este video es chistoso se lo re comendo

  • aayush kumar

    The dog was a puppet dumb people It was Em who was rapping🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Michael Doerner 2

    I want emeim puppet so bad

  • Steve Wez

    This song just ruined Sesame Street for me

  • Clorox Bleach

    is it just me or the song had changed a bit like wtf?!!!this is different than before in some parts i'm sure

  • Kyle Woodowens

    Songs like this make me sad because Em was always having fun with his music. Joking and smiling all the time back then but he seems full of anger and sadness these days.

  • Mark Obiejesi

    Who is watching this in 2018?

  • Gusano del Culo

    nice funny song.... Jim Carrey influence )))

  • Sparkie Official

    You came here for 0:53 (the girl in blue dress) 👀Thank me later.

  • todkapuz

    i dont even remember this.....

  • Bonnie Weakley

    Need that private video with trump, out once hes out or at least if u want him out id show it now or after his term not to tarnish our systems in place eminem, prince, n king, immortal as well as e.t. witches, owls n wolfs greater than me n made my place for me

  • Brenna the Bellydancer

    Damn he used to be so fine.

  • Barry Bee Benson

    did anyone else catch that "aye" at 0:49?


    IJOKE I JOKE AKID AKIDMaster ofisaar ... HAHA HAHA ..

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